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Planescape Torment - character panel not working

Guest Curantil

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Guest Curantil



I have a problem with getting Planescape Torment to work under GemRB.

The game starts normally, but the panel with all the characters on is not visible. (As seen in the screenshot)

Some parts of it pop-up every now and then, and become directly hidden again. When it pops up, it is not at the bottom as expected, but on the left side in the middle of the window.


I am using GemRB 0.6.5 on Ubuntu Maverick.

PsT is patched with the widescreen mod, Ghostdog's incredible UI mod, the Ultimate Fixpack, the Unfinished Business patch and the Tweaks Pack.

Is there any patch that should not be used with GemRB?


There were some errors in the log (mostly .2da files that are not found):

I'm not posting all .2da files as I don't know if they are important.

[ResourceManager]: Searching for proftype.2da...[ERROR]
Cannot find proftype.2da.
[TLKImporter]: Not a valid TOT file.
[TlkImporter]: Cannot open tlk override!
[GUIScript]: Missing function:SetLoadScreen
[ResourceManager]: Searching for ar0503.are...[Cache]
[ResourceManager]: Searching for pathfind.2da...[GemRB Override]
[ResourceManager]: Searching for spawngrp.2da...[ERROR]
[ResourceManager]: Searching for tracking.2da...[ERROR]
[GameControl]: More than one bottom window! [i](a few times)[/i]
[ResourceManager]: Searching for cgtable.2da...[ERROR]
Cannot find cgtable.2da.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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This is most likely due to the widescreen mod. Did you install it in the gemrb compatible mode?

That was it, thanks!

I played it on the old engine first and thought I could just re-use it. I did a fresh install with the correct patch now and it works.


One more thing. The game (or at least the movement of the characters) is very slow. Is there something I can do about that?


Which screenshot you are talking about?

I forgot to attach it it seems. :)

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