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Customisable Defensive Mages


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Dear DavidW


Having played SCSII for my latest solo run, I have to say that this is a truly great mod :cool: It adds so much depth to most Enemy AI, and its so customisable, its like a blend of science, art and gaming :grin: Thank you so much for this!


That said, I was playing on my Solo and found myself noticing that the enemy Mages had a lot of defensive spells, and not that many offensive ones. This became more obvious when I had Cloak of Mirroring on - after casting defensive buffs and a few AoEs, the rest of the rounds they would be just standing there casting Magic Missiles and a few other minor cantrips. A tad over-defensive, maybe?


Another notable thing - they would be having sometimes as many as 4-6 Protections from Magic Weapons on them. While this makes absolute sense for most part, it does make the battles sort of a drag. For most part, I'd simply duck my PC out for half a minute to get rid of it. Stoneskin likewise, can be quite irritating and just that - there were some mages who cast 3-4 Stoneskins (at least it wasn't 6) - not an issue for Frostreaver and Stonefire, but making the foregone conclusion take noticeably longer to reach.


Of course, these are problems that are more blindingly obvious to a Solo Character, especially one that relies more on Stealth and Physical Attacks rather than Magic. For a group of regular adventurers, it would be at least difficult to keep them All out of harm's way until All the Magical Defences were exhausted. Likewise, since its all but impossible for all the Characters to be covered in magical-reflective defences, more offensive spells would be usable against them.


Perhaps there might be a little option to include how "Defensive" a Caster could be - I imagine a setting for

- Max Num of Stoneskin Spells

- Max Num of Prot from Magical Weapons

- Max Num of Others (Mantle etc)

But if any of the above numbers are 0 or 1, it will default to 2.

Of course, there are many alternatives for this, its just an idea.


Meantime, thanks for the great mod :) I'm struggling with Improved Irenicus in Hell, but I'm sure I'll get by. Thank you for the awesome SCSII!




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