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Unseeing Eye immune to everything

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Guest Guest_Sykar_*

Hey folks


Had a very strange bug with the Improved Unseeing Eye which forced me to uninstall this component.

I do not know why or how but the encounter with this bugger was totally screwed up. It's like the rift device does not remove any of his immunities.


Funnily my fire elementals could deal a bit of damage to him BEFORE I use the Rift Device but afterwards he is immune to virtually EVERYTHING availablefor my level (10-13).


Secret Word, Breach, Remove Magic, Pierce Magic Dispel Magic, Fireballs, Skulltraps, Flame Strikes, Cone of Cold, 16/24 HD Fire Elementals, Aerial Servants, Nishruu, nothing works.


All my +3 weapons are useless and the only better weapon I could get is the Staff of Rynn but I cannot go up while I still have the Rift Device.

Yes I am checking for Immunity for Magical Weapons but even after 4 rounds he remains immune to everything.


Yes I really tried with Breach after he used his Sequecer with Fire Shields and Stoneskin. I can also see a Spell Turning which neither Secret Word nor Dipel Magic nor Remove Magic can remove and even feeding it some level 5 spells seem to not break it down.

Yes I am aware that Remove Magic and Dispe Magic have a very low chance to work but come on...


Shade Lord, Tolgerias, Mae'var, Warden, Master of Keys, nothing is really that unbeatabe.


And Unseeing Eye is one of the let's say starter quests ut it was really too easy in the origial BG 2 but this is really stupid Iwasted about 2-3 hours trying dozens f strategy but either getting immune or no message at all like I did not even cast is simply idiotic.


This fucker is impossible. I do not know if my installation was screwed up or if Improved Unseeing Eye was overdone for low level parties.

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