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Need some help

Guest Kira

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Well I would like to congratulate you for that fantastic mod, and Im sorry about my low english level.


Im trying to bargain with Kelemvor, and I tried all options but I always fail the bargain and Kelemvor said that I wont get any soul from the wall except mine :cool: What I can do?


And another thing, there are any way to see all the extra material with the toolset?



Thanks for everything, and I apologize again for my english¡

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In order to get Bishop's epilogue, you need to refuse Gann by talking to him and telling him that you do not love him, that you love Bishop instead. If there is an option to tell Ammon Jerro that you do not believe Bishop is dead, you must choose it. I do not remember whether you meet Ammon Jerro before you meet Bishop himself, though. *And* most importantly, you need to tell Bishop to hold on and wait for you, that you will find a way to free him.


Domi can give you a more detailed answer when she sees this, but Domi is not usually online on weekends, and I did not want you to have to wait until Monday to get an answer.

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Also Kelemvor will always refuse you, but just cause he refused doesn't mean you won't still steal the black hearted ranger out from under that stuffy god's nose!


If you did everything Berelinde mentioned than you should get something in the epilogue, and you have to not give in to Kelemvor even though he will ultimately refuse you.

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Hey I got it¡ Thank you very much^^ But one question more, There is only one epilogue for Cas and Bishop (both are better than Gannayev) or depend the option you can get more tha one?



And I think there is a mistake in the Gann`s romance because I tried one to romance him telling him that I love him, letting Bishop to death in the wall, etc.. but at the end it said that he left you...



But really your mod is great


PD: You are the same berelinde of a fanfic that talked about Mindwinter? It was very funny ^^

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And the last question, I swear I won`t ask anymore¡


For example when I use an filrt optión like: take him hand with Cas, One time said that he take my character hands to his lips, bou If I chose the same action then He jerks and take his hand away, Filrt answers are ramdom?




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I know the are more personal, but the answers change also?






If I tell Cas in the wall that I love him too I`ll always get "positive reactions" or the wil be random also?



Thanks all of you for your help, I don`t want to be annoying ^^

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No, actual romance dialogue (as opposed to flirts) have multiple routes you can take through them, but there is no random element. The example you gave is an original game dialogue, anyway. We don't touch those except under very rare conditions:

  • Bishop shows up during the vigil instead of Shandra.
  • You can arrange for Casavir to provide a character reference, should you ever reach a point in the game where such a thing would come in handy.
  • Rejecting one lover makes another appear.
  • The endgame can play out slightly differently, depending on how Bishop feels about you.


Oh, and yes, the answers to the flirts change between acts, too.

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