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Disabling portrait icons from mod items

Guest Satrhan

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Hi, I´m currently playing BG2 with several mods installed. I really enjoy some of the tweak pack features, especially the "disable portrait item added by equipment items" part. I noticed that items added by mods are not affected by this (they shouldn't be, right?). Most "Item Upgrade Mod" items only add one or two icons, which I can live with. But now I've got Solaufein... Dispite some minor issue's with him (he's stealing my thunder, and knows way too much about the plot long before anyone else does), I quite like him and want to keep him. But recently he got a (way overpowered) sword from Eilistraee that has about a dozen equiped effects, and a corresponding amount of portrait icons. I can only see the top of his head now on the main screen, which is very annoying.


So is there an easy way for me to remove the portrait icons added by mod items?

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Before, but I ran the tweak pack setup again and had it reinstall this component.
And with that you only uninstalled all the mods before it, then reinstalled the mod and then reinstalled everything after it, defeating your intention and possibly making a huge mistake.

See, you should have uninstalled, let the mods themselves fight what where and then install just this one component.

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