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[SGST]Windowed Mode in Ps:T


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you state here

Otherwise, you can play the game windowed (except in TotSC and Ps:T, where you can't play the game windowed).

Yet Ps:T's readme states

Full Screen - This defaults to 1, which denotes the game playing full screen. This can be changed to 0, which will make Torment run in a window. This feature is not supported, because many of the graphical effects in Torment will not run correctly while the product is running in a window. The performance of the product will also be less while in windowed mode.

It is possible to play a windowed game in PST. Granted I've not fully tested it, but was wondering if there could be a 'play windowed at your own risk' ability added to PST's version of the mod. Even BG2 which can 'support' higher resolutions (the purpose of this mod) states that there could be issues in doing so. Ergo since we are blindly going to bypass warnings and do higher resolutions, why not bypass the warnings and allow windowed in PST as well?

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and back to this...


all attempts to run WSM in windowed mode in PST end in some kind of failure.

WSM won't install if PST is pre-set for windowed mode

if PST switched to windowed mode after WSM is installed, various assertion errors appear when transitioning from character creation screen to any other screen.


**sticks with full screen, tacks on ghostdog's ui mod and looks for that discussion on characters walking backwards :cool:


Only reason for windowed mode is that any program which adjusts screen resolution leaves my task bar icons enlarged and ugly looking. only resolution to that has been to reboot the OS

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