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Sorcerer issue


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I've played Baldurs Gate 2 many, many times, but this was the first time I'd installed BGT or any mods. I don't have a lot, at least I don't consider it a lot, and I do know that some of the mods are a tad out of order than what people would recommend (I curse the fact that I didn't want to uninstall half of the mods I already had in when I found something else I wanted that should have gone before).


My problem is that I'm attempting to create a sorcerer to go through BGT after I finish my thief playthrough, but when I do, I literally can't cast any spells. It asks me to pick two spells at character creation, and I do, but she just can't cast spells. When I look in her spellbook, it says "can cast 0/3 spells". I've rested, it makes no difference. She's not wearing armor. In fact, she's pretty much not wearing anything, not even a weapon in hand even. I had originally put in the un-Nerfed thaco tables for spells from BG3 Tweaks, but I took those out to see if it had any effect, but it didn't.


I don't really want to reinstall the game, but I will if necessary. Could someone please help? Should I post my weidu log?

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Additional information (since I couldn't seem to find the edit button anywhere). I did another reinstall of BGT. This time I only added Ascension, BG/BG2 unfinished business, and the BG2 fixpack, but I still couldn't cast any spells. Am I just not understanding how sorcerers work? What am I missing? Do I have to wait until level 2 to cast level 1 spells?




Nevermind, it's suddenly working now. I have no idea what I did, but leaving the area, sleeping, and coming back did it. Now I can cast spells...which is odd because when I slept in the Inn, it didn't, but whatever. So long as it works.

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