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Axton ambitious NPC Mod


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Hello guys, as an avid BG player I thought I would try and give something back, make something that I want to play in the game world, and perhaps something others will like too. I want to create something that makes people think "wow, thats cool I want him in my party". My answer to that is Axton.


My love of Dragons and all things draconic made me head in that direction, so here is where I shall begin.




Bahamuts Justice - I wanted to create a Paladin Kit following the Draconic God Bahamut (this however I am contemplating changing as Paladins have no racial enemies, and I would like to give Bahamuts Justice a little one up on dragons it comes to sentencing Dragons to their doom, but also Cleric is possible to with revised weapons, clerics with swords, I could have a Priest of Bahamut)



+1 hit Vs Dragons Level 2 8 15 23 (not needed if it has a Racial enemy)

Grand Mastery in 2 Handed Swords and Longbow

Mastery of 2-handed weapon style

Immune to Fear Level 10

(more to come)

Innate spells such as Cold Based spells.



Can only spec in 2 handed weapon style

May only use swords and Bows

No innate abilities from parent class (whether it be Paladin, Ranger, or even Cleric if it goes that way)

(more to come)



I have attached sphere access, as I hope to make this Kit using the Divine Remix (hopefully I will obtain the knowledge of how to do this from you wonderful people).


Sphere access


Major: Elemental Air, Elemental Water, Protection, Guardian, Law, Wards, Combat, Creation, War, Healing

Minor: Charm, Thought, Divination, Sun, Necromancy, Summoning

None: Chaos, Animal, Weather, Plant, Numbers, Elemental, Elemental Earth, Elemental Fire






Following the call of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, our young ranger has a crisis of faith. At 22 years of age he had to ask himself, was he ready to become one of the chosen. To be reborn into a new race is a no light task, a new beggining as a dragonborn, when his old life had only just started. Upon contemplation of the call, he decides to go on a journey to uphold Justice and seek out Chromatic dragons, to test his mettle and his faith. A mighty test to decide whether he is ready to face the call, to be reborn.


Ranger or Paladin or Cleric (of Bahamut obviously)


Stats are not definate, but Bahamut is a defender and a wise dragon, so I am going to address his stats accordingly, but also i hope to increase his scores in time, which is mentioned below.


Strength 17

Dexterity 12

Constitution 16

Intelligence 10

Wisdom 17

Charisma 11



Axton is going to be my party joinable NPC in which the Bahamuts Justice will be his class. This is only the very beginging, and so far I have been doing tutorials on Kit creation using WeiDU and also .cre creation, so I am very early on, but I only started today so I am not expecting it to be done anytime soon.


This is where is gets difficult, My aspirations for this character are this;

  1. I want to get the character to be accessable in both BG1 and BG2 using BGT as a part of a Larger BigWorldProject megamod. I am reading a tutorial on how to make the character at the moment, and that also give details of how to make him availble in game. What I don't know is how to get him accessable in the BG1 section of a BGT install, and then keep all his equipment and stats for when you find him in BG2.
  2. I wish to give the character a 2 Handed Sword that only he can wield, a gift from his God to help him in his journey.
  3. I then want to make this Sword Upgradeable via Cesp and Crom. The upgrades with use Dragon Fangs, which are items I will need to create and then add to each Dragon that we come across (possibly including Mod added Dragons, if possible). Think the flail of Ages, but a 2 handed sword of DragonKilling Awesomeness.
  4. I also want to be able to upgrade this young weak character Using Items like the Tomes, but specifically for this character. These would be Dragon Essences captured after Death, which increase stats and/or give bonuses like THAC0, resistances, saves etc.
  5. From here I want to create a Quest line where in his search for an epiphany, he realises the Sword Coast is in tatters and Justice is needed. He quickly gets involved in the Iron Crisis and Bandit raids, with conversation relating them and also a few quests to do with them perhaps.
  6. Then I would like to add two Dragons, One Silver like Adalon, hidden away somewhere, possibly accessable from the Naskhel Mines. This Dragon will Upgrade your sword for you in BG1 and also grant you your essence bonuses, rather than using them like tomes like before. The Second dragon would be a Dragon of Some colour, not sure which yet, (probably a green as there is a lot of forest nearby in which it could make a lair), which you will be tasked to defeat by this Silver Dragon who is an emissary of Bahamut. This will grant the first set of bonuses and the first upgrade to his sword, making it +1 enchated with +1 Poison Damage, if the dragon is green.
  7. The next step would be to add the dragon to a new lair in BG2, or make the old Lair Accessable somehow to upgrade weapons and the bonuses from the various dragons that reside in BG2 and ToB.
  8. Lastly perhaps add more quests in the BG2 section, more banter and a sense of needing for the character to fulfil his dragonslaying needs to bring him closer to his God, and make a decision on the Call.



Well as you can see, it is fairly ambitious... to say the least haha. Any help would be very welcome. Any links to Guides and Tutorials (I have been using quite a few By CamDawg on G3 and also the Kat Bella NPC creation guide.


I hope this piques a few peoples interest.

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You've listed a lot of technical information. But that's just one aspect of an NPC mod. What about his personality, his dialogue, his reasons for joining the PC on his/her journey, how does he get along with the other Bioware NPC's, does he have personal quests, will he banter with other NPC's, does he interject, does he feature a friendship, is he romanceable, if yes then by whom, does he have PID/flirts?


I do enjoy dragon-related things. My main concern is that the dragon content will kind of demand a lot of attention to itself. I mean, encountering dragons in BG1? It's already a big deal in BG2, and even then you have to be either really strong or have really good tactics to survive. I doubt a max. level 7 party in BG1 could tackle a dragon. Any lower and they'll be toast. Crispy adventurers. Unless they're like baby dragons. Or eggs.


I understand your enthusiasm and I won't be like some and try to ruin that, though. I dislike doing that.

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Thanks Aion, I appreciate the not tearing me apart upon the first post. It is very much all in the air and everything is subject to change.


At the moment it is very vague, I do have a few updates for it but for some reason I just can't seem to find the edit button. The NPC is all in the air as I literally had just thought all of this up in a day. None of it was planned and it was all very vague ideas for a character I would want to play. The backstory and quests are in the working, as well as how social he is going to be with other NPCS and the PC.


The reason for his coming to Baldur's gate is in the works too. I have a lot of ideas floating around and will jot them down and update this thread as soon as I find the button to edit my original post. I must be blind.

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Oh, alright. No problem. You can flesh him out as you go along with it. I mean, I had basic ideas of where I wanted my Soul Exchange mod NPC's to go, and as I work on them, they're fleshing out really nicely. I really enjoy seeing where my NPC's are going, being expanded and built upon. I'm sure it'll be lovely to see where your NPC is going.

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