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Question about Lycanthropy


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Okay, one of the deals with Unfinished business is reinstating Quests that didn't make the final cut for BG2. One of these is the fact that Viconia was infected with Lycanthropy, and I believe you were supopsed to look for a cure.


Have you talked, or are you planning on talking, to icelus about possible conflicts or just simply supporting dialogue?


I think I remember you mentioning something about it, but I don't remember the details.



It would be rather amusing.


<Charname>: "Viconia, you have aparently been infected with Lycanthropy."


Everyone else except Delainey: "What, really? How terrible."


Delainey: "You mean you didn't know?"


Viconia: "And you did?"


Delainey: "Of course I did."


Viconia: "How?"


Delainey: "The same way I could tell with Cernd, he smells different."


Viconia: "Why didn't you mention this earlier?"


Delainey: "Ummmm....."

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We have talked about this a little, but the main focus was on getting the module (pre-interaction with other modules) done, at least for me.


But that's not a bad line, of course, one would almost have to add, "By the way Viconia, you may wish to take care of that rash on your thigh...the boils have just burst."


*prepares to duck*

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