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NPC- initiated flirts in ToB


NPC-initiated flirts  

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You know the ones. They go something like "(Gavin smiles at you and trips over his bootlaces.)" Are they absolutely necessary in ToB? The guy has 17 scripted dialogues as it is. Or do you think that ToB is a grim, melancholy grind and that the extra affection from your LI makes it more bearable?

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I had to vote for the last one just cause it fits me if you swap 'an NPC' with 'a fixpack' :)


but anywho, I never made it to ToB content so I couldn't really say one way or another, but I'd hazard to guess that after playing all of SoA the player will be used to things taking place in a kind of standard manner and to change that all of a sudden just because they are in ToB doesn't seem right...


If you feel the need to have less, mayhaps slowly space 'em out further and further. cause after all the more time you spend with your love the less you need to talk cause you KNOW what each other is thinking. LOL you could have interjects from other party members comment on how coordinated the player and Gavin are... even to the extent of the player planning on Gavin tripping up or something :D

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"Gavin smiles at you and trips over his bootlaces." adorable :)


I opted for the "I'd miss it" option, primarily because it's nice to have a few sprinkled in here and there to break up the doom 'n gloom of ToB. I don't need 82 unique interactions, but a small handful is definitely nice=)

I do like the idea of spacing them out, however; or keeping them confined to the second half.

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LOL - planning for disasters takes on a whole new meaning, eh?


The thing with ToB is that apart from a choice about whether you go after Azbigail first or Sendai first, you're railroaded straight through from start to finish without a lot of deviation in course. Likewise, the things that happen are pretty big things and are great jumping off points for dialogue. In other words, all but three of the talks are directly related to game events and can't really be spaced out the way ordinary timered talks could be. As for the other three talks, well there is a romance in this mod. There are a few things that had better happen early on (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). :)


Edit: And yeah, I'm considering letting the timered flirts start after the party reaches Amkethran for the first time. Before that, dialogue is pretty frequent. After, there are a few dialogues at key points, but it really thins out.

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I voted to wait and add them in later. Even though I generally love lots of content, and I can't believe I'm saying this, for ToB I like the less is more approach.

ToB is such a battle fest that npc - initiated flirts always seem to happen at odd moments, especially pre or post violent encounters.

Your idea about adding some in for the second part of ToB sounds good though.(and I'm a big fan of spontaneous hugs and hand-holding)

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I voted skip it for now, too. I love flirts - ridiculously much, maybe even more than the meat of the romances - but I imagine by this point, those flirts probably aren't as much fun to come up with as they were two games ago. :) Since it doesn't sound like Gavin will be lacking in other things to talk about, the absent flirts might not even be all that noticeable.

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