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Linux, PsT, resolution and mouse

Guest Hieronymos

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Guest Hieronymos



I'm trying to set up gemrb with Planescape Torment on the T91. It has a touchscreen. I try to get the touchscreen usable with PsT.

Whenever I run gemrb in the same resolution as the screen (it strangely only runs fullscreen, whatever I may specify in the config file), I cannot access the bottom part of the screen with the mouse (which, in Planescape Torment, is the most important part because the menu is there).

If, say, I set the screen resolution to 1024x600 and start the game in 640x480 I get a stretched image, but I can access the lower part. Resolution 640x480, game started in 640x480, I can't. Resolution 1024x600, game started in 640x480, I can't.

I need to play the game in the same resolution as system defaults in order to have SDL map the touchscreen right. But, obviously, the touchscreen isn't very useful without the menu buttons.


Did anybody come across this? Is that a bug? I tried with version 6.6.4 and 6.6.6.




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Guest Hieronymos

Oh my. When you're ready to give up, you finally have the idea.

I'm using enlightenment in tablet mode, there are two menus at the top and the bottom that SDL usually ignores.

Had to switch to bare profile to make it work.


Nobody else is ever going to have that problem. Admin, you may delete :-)


Btw, thanks for making all this work.

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