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"Roll Your Own Beta Pre-Beta Post-Alpha Pioneers"


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This was from the 38eae0b files. The latest files that you uploaded today I now have and will try them next. In the meantime, here are a few things to add/take off your list:


Installed the 15 min timers, same PC as before and the party was Minsc, Yoshimo, Aran and Anomen. Banters didn't show up in this game either. But, interjections did.


-After the talk about fallin in love. The PID kept coming up every few seconds - same as before.


-Aran: Were kisses enough for you?...

PC: I don't...look, I think this lots of fun... (Seems to be a word missing, maybe "think this is lots of fun." or "think this was lots of fun.")


-Aran: You haven't thought there might be somethin' to havin' someone take care o' you? (You might want to look at the PC responses here. Some of them elude to *Ahem* happening already. But what if that has not happened between them yet?)


-Aran: I am goin' to ask H. C. for assistance, an' hope She influences you a mite, eh? (I abbreviated, but I don't think the S in she should be capitalized.)


-Aran: (flushes burgundy) Aye, then. Didn't mean to... (Shouldn't the F in flushes be capitalized here?)


-Aran: (There are no words, no gestures...old dance.

Hopefully that is enough so you know which line I am referring to. It's missing a parenthesis at the end. If not, I'll send this to you with the other M stuff by PM later.


-Orrin: I do have a lad... (A PC response like "Yes, thank you." or something along those lines to cover NG or LG.)


-Aran: I have no problems wi' tellin' you. I be scribin'... (If you don't want an out here in the PC responses, maybe go to the main point of the talk. As it stands, you have the player answering his question more than once and the talk seems a bit repetitious.) Example later in the same talk - Aran: Well, you might not know this, but all that scroll prep...So, about that purchase. (Choosing the afirmative PC response when this talk first starts and a few clicks later, you're still answering his question.)


-Aran: Aye, well, I do like th' game...lady in question prefers ladies. (For those who fall under this preference, they might like having the option of telling him so here.)


-One of the talks starts out with Aran looking "along the horizon". A bit odd when it pops up in the sewers, as it did in this game.


-The talk about cooking dinner sounds like it should show up outdoors. Again, odd when it appears in the sewers or somewhere like that.


-Flirt where PC can go thru Aran's belongings. Does writing no secrets on the parchment ever lead to anything or change the flirt in any way? If not, would you consider adding to this flirt?


-If Aran is so opposed to slavery, shouldn't he have some comments during the Slaver Quest? If he does, then they didn't appear in game. And maybe the pleasure slave in the circus tent as well.


-The PID option to tell Aran to stop flirting did not appear until after his flirts started.


-Orrin, Erika, etc. dialog no longer follows the Player all over the realms.


If you want the variables that set, I can get them for you in the next game as well.

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Cool! Thank you! All of the above materials integrated into the first post, and fixes posted where I could do them immediately - sorted into "Pending", "Partially Addressed", and "Addressed".


On the banters, I am a little stumped. Perhaps i am being too safe on conditioning? I end up with things that decompile like

IF WEIGHT #0 ~  CombatCounter(0)
~ THEN BEGIN 165 // from:
 SAY ~[VALYGAR] So, Whitehand, who are you?~ /* #83160 */
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("c-valygararan","GLOBAL",1)


The vanilla (well, FixPacked, really) come out as

Global("BValygar1","LOCALS",0)~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:
 SAY ~I cannot understand it, Aerie. Why this magic... why from you, of all people? You are too innocent and good to practice such things.~ [VALYGA46] /* #2908 */
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("BValygar1","LOCALS",1)~ EXTERN ~BAERIE~ 39


Odd. More stuff to investigate!


I'll put up a special "add after Aran for troubleshooting" mod tomorrow morning that might help with the stutter. Berelinde wrote one up based on The Bigg's suggested stutter-buster code, and I have a copy with Gavin's stuff switched out for Aran's. It basically reads the .bcs you point it to, adds a DisplayStringHead to player 1, and then every time the script block is executed, PC runs a little line in the dialog window that says things like "Running Block 872 of C-ARAN.BCS".


If we see a whole series of that block trying to clear, we can figure out what is not setting/unsetting/working correctly.


I'll post an easy-to-install mod, but for the folks who are checking for how-to's, here's the .tp2 in its entirety. All that you would fdo is create the mod folder, drop this in the empty folder, and rename a setup-mymod.exe appropriately :)


BACKUP ~aran_troubleshoot/backup~ 
AUTHOR ~berelinde~ 

BEGIN ~Troubleshooting Aran's stutter with Shamelessly Re-Appropriated Code from Gavin~ 

COPY_EXISTING 	~c-aran.bcs~ ~override~ // be sure to change the file names to point to the relevant ones
			~c-arand.bcs~  ~override~
			~c-ar01.bcs~  ~override~
			~baldur.bcs~ ~override~ // use either baldur.bcs or baldur25.bcs whether you're in SoA or in ToB.
			~player1d.bcs~  ~override~
			~c-arn25.bcs~ ~override~
			~c-arn25d.bcs~ ~override~
SET x = 0 - 1
					x += 1
			END "\1
	ActionOverride(Player1,DisplayString(Myself,~Running block %x% of %SOURCE_RES%.BCS~))"

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Ok, so first I want to apologize for failing to save my Weidu log... cause I'm a dumbass sometimes.


Second, I want to tell you what happened.


I'm a mod whore, so I've been trying to get Aran running on an... err... 'basic' install.


This is what happened.


I installed the following mods, with the following options selected:


-The Ascension Mod v1.41

-Apply Concentration Check On Damage [WIP]
Instead of always being interrupted when hit, spellcasters have a chance of their spells being interrupted.
This is governed by a concentration check.
A spellcaster passes the concentration check if (1D20 + luck) > (spell level + damage taken).
The details of this component are subject to change.
-Awaken On Damage
Creatures will awaken from sleep when hit.
-Blindness As Spell Description
Blindness gives -4 to hit and 4 point armor penalty as per the Blindness spell description in the game.
-Disable Stoneskin Grey Colour [C]
Removes grey colour change to a character who has cast Stoneskin.
[C] This component is identical to tob_hacks, SCS, and SCSII.
-No Spell Interruption On Zero Damage
Spellcasting is not interrupted if a creature takes zero damage (i.e. immune).
-Use Caster Level On Mirror Image [C]
When trying to dispel Mirror Image, the chance of dispel is modified by the caster's level.
[C] This component is identical to tob_hacks, SCS, SCSII, and Spell Revisions.
-Disable Silence On Charm
This component does two things:
1. Prevents creatures from losing their soundset when they are charmed.
2. Enables the player to start dialogue with charmed creatures.
-Rest Spawns Advance Time
If resting is interrupted by spawns, a random amount of time up to, but not including, eight hours will pass.
All resting times of one hour or greater will display in the dialogue bar. Resting times less than one hour will not display in the dialogue bar.
-Enable Animation Attack Sounds
This component enables animation-specific attack sounds, which makes combat a little more polyphonic... perhaps musical, or messy.
-Subtitles For Standard Soundsets
Adds subtitles for the male and female soundsets that ship with vanilla Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. (English only)
-Remove all race-class restrictions
Enables all classes to all races.
-Drop Inventory on Disintegrate
-Drop Inventory on Frozen Death
-Drop Inventory on Stone Death

BG2 Fixpack
-Installed all except Super Fun Lucky Modder Pack

One Pixel Productions 2.70
-Everything but Potions

Adalon's Blood

A Mod for the Orderly
-2nd option

Dungeon be Gone

NPC Flirt Pack
-only Anomen's flirts, no Solaufein

NPC Kitpack


I grabbed Aran off git-hub, and I've successfully installed Aran before, just did bad install orders and had to start over. Anyways grabbed Aran off github, renamed a weidu exe to setup-aranw.exe and clicked it to run. It said something about parseing errors and refused to run.


So... either I did something wrong, or there's a serious mod conflict in there somewhere. :)

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I have the same issue as EpitomyofShyness with the parsing error when trying to install Aran. Tried wiping it and did a clean install, but no luck. The pack I downloaded yesterday from GitHub works just fine.

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Hmmm - taking a look - I am working off of the same (downloaded the source files, did a file compare, and then did a new install).



Let me try again, and report back -

It probably would not be a mod conflict. It could be a problme in my upload.

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OK, huh. Strange.


I am working with [go to github -> go to download tab -> click on "download as zip" - > save file]


I get cmorganbg-Aran-Whitehand-f3711a5.zip


With this package, I am installing with no errors.


Some things to check, but first, let's try to figure out what the error is. #1, can you look at the file "SETUP-ARANW.DEBUG" and either send it to me or tell me what it says for the error? The important part is what it is choking on.

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I can hazard a wild guess and think that something early in the install order is messing with .ids files; still looking for likely culprits. Still tracking...

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I didn't think I had any issues with installation, until I went to dual class Aran. Presently doing a run-thru with the f3711a5 files. The Aran that actually installed in the game was the Mage configuration with pips in long sword, dagger and quarter staff. But, the Cleric configuration was selected at install. The sections below were copied straight from Aran's debug file:


Install Component [Choose Which Aran Configuration to install...]?

choose one:

1] Aran Whitehand, default configuration (Soldier)

2] Aran Whitehand, Mage Dual-Class stats configuration (Tinker)

3] Aran Whitehand, Cleric Dual-Class stats configuration (Tailor)

4] Aran Whitehand, Fighter stats configuration (Soldier)

5] Aran Whitehand, Thief Dual-Class stats configuration (Spy)

Uninstalling All Other Subcomponents of [Choose Which Aran Configuration to install...]

Done Uninstalling All Other Subcomponents of [Choose Which Aran Configuration to install...]


Installing [Aran Whitehand, Cleric Dual-Class stats configuration (Tailor)] [piperb_10_16_Beta_1]


Please choose from the following choices to modify starting armor and weapons available to him:

[1] Aran is down-and-out poor and has sold off most of his good equipment.

[2] Aran has kept most of his good gear.

[3] Aran has kept the best gear available to a successful mercenary.

Please type 1, 2, or 3 and press enter.

User answer: "2"


You are probably going to Dual-Class Aran to Cleric. He currently has proficiencies as follows:

* Long Sword

* Hammer

* Mace

* Flail

** Sword and Shield Style

Please choose from the following starting weapon choices:

[1] Long Sword, Shield, Mace

[2] Long Sword, Shield, Quarterstaff

[3] Long Sword, Shield, Hammer

[4] Long Sword, Shield, Flail

Please type 1, 2, or 3 and press enter.

User answer: "1"


Please choose from the following starting armor choices for Aran:

[1] Leather

[2] Studded Leather

[3] Chain

[4] Splint

[5] Plate

Please type 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and press enter.

User answer: "3"


Aran is of average wealth,


has Chain Mail,


carrying Long Sword, Shield, Mace



Copying and patching 1 file ...

[aranw/cre/c-arnmge.cre] loaded, 1868 bytes

Copied [aranw/cre/c-arnmge.cre] to [override/c-aran7.cre]

[./override/ar6111.are] loaded, 2776 bytes

Copying and patching 1 file ...

[./override/c-aran7.cre] loaded, 1968 bytes

Copied [c-aran7.cre] to [override/c-aran13.cre]


Saving This Log:















ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2 0 0 Installed ~Install Aran Whitehand beta 1~

ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2 0 1 Installed ~Install Soundset, Voiced lines, and Music~

ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2 0 7 Installed ~Aran Whitehand, Cleric Dual-Class stats configuration (Tailor)~

ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2 0 10 Installed ~Choose Aran's Portrait~

[bg2fixpack/english/setup.tra] has 103 translation strings

[jassy/setup.tra] has 2 translation strings

1378749 characters, 11244 entries added to DIALOG.TLK

[dialog.tlk] created, 85406 string entries


SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Install Aran Whitehand beta 1


SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Install Soundset, Voiced lines, and Music


SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Aran Whitehand, Cleric Dual-Class stats configuration (Tailor)




-Aran was equipped with a long sword, shield and a mace.


-Also, PID (#11-ingame) PC Response: I need to be clear about this...not interested in a romance with you. Stop talking about it. (This option was available but Aran hadn't talked to my PC yet.)

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piperb, I'm checking;


anmaiarna, your DEBUG solved the problem, and it is an easy fix! Thanks!


Folks, instead of copying over a setup-mymod.exe, you may need to update your WeiDU version.


I use some of the bigg's cool new stuff, and it may require you to get the latest WeiDu, or you might get something like


WeiDU v 22400 Log


[ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2] PARSE ERROR at line 1433 column 8-19


GLR parse error


[ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2] ERROR at line 1433 column 8-19



ERROR: parsing [ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error

ERROR: problem parsing TP file [ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error


FATAL ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error


If you update your WeiDU version to v230, you should be good to go!

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I just wanted to let you know about it. This is not a game stopper, by no means. Right now concentrate on any that are having real problems. And I am also using WeiDUv230. I'll check back in later.

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I love it. Really, I need to learn how to type. Piperb, this one is bone-hheaded copy-paste error when setting up my code - the line in the macro that changes what base .cre is being set up, and therefore what all those numbers parse to, is:


		  COPY ~aranw/cre/c-arnmge.cre~ ~override/c-aran7.cre~ // copy the base .cre into the game


repairing to the appropriate base file for clerics, to be uploaded tonight. Have to grab lunch and do some housework, but will be back soon :)


p.s. and logging

Also, PID (#11-ingame) PC Response: I need to be clear about this...not interested in a romance with you. Stop talking about it. (This option was available but Aran hadn't talked to my PC yet.)
to look at; possibly set it by some romance talks having been played.
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OK, here's what I have for you on this run-thru with the f3711a5 files:


PC-CG HE Ranger. Party: Minsc, Yoshimo, Aran and Anomen.


-Flirts popping up just like before after the talk of fallin' in love. Telling him to stop flirting makes no difference. But, this time Aran's music was playing.


-In the Copper Coronet, when my PC was flirting with Aran it came up as "The musicians have struck up..." and then the PC flirts same as before. Rotated back and forth between these two while in there. Don't know if you changed something here, so thought I better mention this.


-Got banters this game! So that is good thing.


-Aran: You just don't blighted stop, do you. (Needs question mark)


I've already downloaded the troubleshooter.

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