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Aklon's Portrait


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Well, I have a comment, although I fear it's not going to be very popular: could you change Aklon's portrait?


Don't take me wrong, I like his second portrait a lot, it's really nice, but IMHO not "baldurish" at all - it rather looks like a NWN style portrait to me. And he's supposed to be a BG2 party-member, not a NWN henchman, right? :)

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Thanks for the comments, Koson. I'm glad you like the second portrait, anyway.


Ideally, I would love to have Aklon's portrait blend seamlessly into BGII and if I knew where the artists for Baldur's gate lived, I'd bundle them into my van and.... well, that's neither here nor there. The problem, of course, is finding an artist who can produce a BGesque portrait and will do so for little to no money, coz I ain't rollin' in cash here.  :)  :D


I do actually have an alternate portrait, kindly furnished by Paxsenarrion (thanks!), but I haven't posted it up anywhere yet. It's probably a little more Baldurish. I'll talk to my artist (The Artist Formerly Not Known As Anything) as well and see if we can sharpen the portrait up  a bit.


Of course, if you know anyone who could produce a better portrait (for little renumeration), by all means direct me to them.  :D

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Well, there is The Portrait Portal - http://www.karwal.dk/portraitportal/ - you could try. As far as I know, they don't ask for money, but patience, since there's lots of requests they get. And since it seems Aklon is not in the "gold" stage yet, time shouldn't be in short supply.


The site, beside the high-quality portraits and no remuneration policy, has another thing to recommend it - it's done this kind of job before: JCompton had a custom portrait made for Kelsey there, and the nice Jude Law picture is in fact a custom work for the apparently now retired Neh'taniel mod (involving an undead elven Judicial Knight of Amaunator). Just ask, please, Kasten Dahl (the artist making the custom portraits) to use the "standard" BG2 look / paraphernalia instead of the new, more realistic (and less baldurish) one.


OR, you could use a modified Balthazar portrait (if your artist can / is willing to work with it) -> it has the benefit of seamlessly blending into BG2 and being made especially for a monk, but Aklon will have to shave his golden curls... :)

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The problem with the Portrait Portal is she's so inundated with requests now, plus I think she's dealing with some burn-out.  She hasn't added any new portraits since November and that was after a 3 or 4 month gap.  Yes, she does excellent work - I have several of hers - but her request list is already quite long.  Besides, I rather like the current Aklon portrait.  It just needs a little fine tuning.

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Besides, I rather like the current Aklon portrait.  It just needs a little fine tuning.

Thanks. :)


I really should get around to putting up that alternate portrait. So people, what, precisely, is not Baldurish about Aklon's portrait? If I get detailed criticism, it'll help TAFNKAA work.

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The Portrait Portal has a tutorial on how to turn a photograph into a BG portrait.  I don't know of how much help it will be.  But I have a hard time describing a BG portrait.  It's kind of realistic, but with the hard edges of a cartoon - if that makes any sense.  However, the fine tuning I meant was that Aklon seems to be a little out of focus - you know, kind of blurry.

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The alternate portrait (I'll really have to get that one posted) is more or less facing straight on. The current "official" portrait is a lot more skewed than the normal BGII portraits, but, well, I'm just gonna have to live with it  :)


Aklon's portrait definately needs some aging and I'll try and to get that added. Aklon doesn't advertise how old he is, so we can just say he's a "veteran" adventurer to avoid the "He certainly doesn't look 37" problem.  :D

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Well, on that note, I'd like to announce that in a fit of artistic pique TAFNKAA (:)) has re-done Aklon's portrait, sharpening him up and adding a little (but not too much!) age to him. Go check it out at Aklon's website here. Also be sure to have a look at the new teaser art posted on the Comments, Links and Samples section. :D

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