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Aklon's Portrait


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Guest Vereyena

Mmm... I guess I'm too late with commenting on this forum, as it's been dated 2004 last time it was active. But I can not resist commenting anyways. First of all an awesome portrait! And second thing that age debate. There is no definition of looks for a 37 year old man. In fact if you'd say he is 50, I would believe it as well. Why, because monks, even the very real ones that live now on planet Earth are quiet renown for their decieving looks. In 80% of cases they appear to be MUCH younger than they really are. Second, let us look at some more reknown people, so anybody who wishes may compare. Johny Depp - 42 (or even more) years old. Could he go as 37, or even younger looking? Easily! Johny, I would say, looks even younger than Aklon. Next candedate, Bret Pitt(or what is it spelled like) is also in his early forties now. Can you tell? Can you give him 37? Easily, I would even give him 34. So my point is, that Aklon on his portrait can easily be 37. Especially concidering him being a monk. Heh, why going far, no one gives me more than 17 while I'm 23 already.


PS: Can't wait for this mod to come out! I can smell it's going to be good! :)

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Thanks for the vote of confidence and the compliment on the portrait, I'll pass it along to my artist. :)


And yes, though I wouldn't mind adding some more subtle hints of age on Aklon's features, he's alright for a man in his mid-late thirties. He's led a more adventurous life than most monks, but not one so chock-full of fighting as say Keldorn, who is probably in his mid-late forties and has aged quite a lot in comparison.

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Hey everyone...a thought popped to my mind, and maybe this is a reason enough to revive this thread, even if it is not the best of discussion topics. (13 years since BigRob's last post in this thread, wow).


What with the discussions of Aklon's portrait having been inspired by Jude Law, AND Jude Law's upcoming casting for Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts 2 movie...what are your opinions?

Frankly, Jude Law as Aklon was "conceived" before Jude Law as Dumbledore even if Aklon is not out yet, so in my sentiment, I will still fiercely admire the original portrait and make no attempts to chance or whatsoever - even though a powerful and popular character like Dumbledore might even if slightly overshadow other characters by our dear handsome actor,


I mean, even in the Potter fan threads, as far as I know, many fans of Dumbledore are divided on if such a "sexy" looking actor was the right cast for our wisened dear professor/headmaster Dumbledore's youth, with some taking the stance of what an amazing choice he was for that charismatic professor in his youth.


So now I ask here, have any of my fellow Aklon fans given any consideration to the recent turn of events in this light? And what about you, BigRob?


It might not be a significant matter for some, because a REALLY good actor would not stand under the shadow of the characters he acted as (Anthony Hopkins is the first to come to my mind), but do you think, even with his formidable career, nominations, and awards, that Jude Law will survive Dumbledore? Dumbledore is not a minor character that can be dissed easily, and we have perceived too many actors in the past failing to escape the grasp of one single dominant character either from their early or late career.

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I kind of knew I was taking a bit of a risk in using Jude Law as the inspiration for Aklon's portrait that he could easily end up getting mixed up with Jude himself and roles that he might play.


Personally, I think Jude's a good enough actor to be able to not become purely associated with one of his roles, longer term at least. Of course, if that's not true for some players with someone as well loved as Dumbledore, well, having Aklon associated with the sexy version of a wise character kind of works with what I was intending. :p

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