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Need help Installing


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I'm using Gem Rb v 0.66


Windows 7 64 bit


I am trying to play BG2, its the GOG version.


I edit the config file as per the instructions say but I alway get a "invalid path given: ./Cache/ (Cache)


The Cache path couldn't be registered, Please check!


Two questions first I make a copy of the sample config and name it to BG2.cfg


I fill in the required settings though I'm confused since there is no cd's involved do I just set the game location to C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2?


Then I edit the gemrb cfg file with the same settings as the copy of the sample cfg that I made.


Also when I edit the gemrb cfg file what is the minimal cache path? I know what the Gemrb cache path is! Is the minimal cache path supposed to be for the minimal game data set. If so there is no folder in there titled cache. Should I make one?



One last thing the examples shown in the config settings have / but when I copy the names of file path locations they have \ instead does that matter?




My Gem Rb location is in


C:\Program Files\GemRB-win32-v0.6.6\GemRB-v0.6.6


GOG BG2 game is in


C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2


Should I give you copies of my config files


Also do I need the dependencies to run this? I looked around and it seemed that you did not if you guys already compiled them.

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