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Aklon's Bio


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Jaha, seems like it. Though I’m glad the portrait doesn’t resemble the original pic too much. Jude is handsome enough, but I think that obvious celebrity portraits are kind of cheap. It seems there’s little originality to them.


My compliments to the artist. :(

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Intelligence: 13 (Native intelligence and extensive education.)

I've been reading through a couple (okay, a lot) of the posts, and I have found that Aklon is quite an intellectual. Personally, this is a trait rather to my liking :D , but don't you thing 13 is a little low for his intelligence?


Of course, since intelligence is only a measure of mental capacity, Aklon can have an intelligence of 13 and know everything a 17-er or 18-er knows... but if THAT was the case, he'd be a real scatterbrain (and it's quite obvious he ISN'T :D). This makes me think his intelligence should be raised slighly. Not to 17/18 or anything, but maybe 15-ish?

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I originally had his intelligence up at 15. In order to drop his statline and stop him looking like a super character, I made it 13. It's probably a little silly considering the number of languages he knows, so it could be raised to the 14/15 zone (it could even be raised to 25 since the stat has no effect on his abilities). I'll mull it over.

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Just stumbled upon this thread. :)


I agree, I think it would be a very good idea to make Aklon's intelligence 15, if he sounds like it. If it stays 13, it may well prevent some players from downloading the mod( for example, those who want a more intelligent partner, and do not know that Aklon is actually intelligent enough).

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It's true that Aklon's written as a pretty intellectual character and it makes sense that his INT score should reflect his. 13 is above average, but the original 15 may be the more accurate score after all. :party:


I've penciled him back up to 15, which brings his total stats to 89. Once testing starts I'll get some more opinions form the testers and somemmore fine-tuning might happen. :)

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Guest Dreamer Sasha (Moongaze)

yknow I only just came across this guy. he sounds dreamy. :) no further constructive input though. he sounds good as he is, 15 int or not! (*hugs!*)

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I like this character. However, the way you describe Aklons experiences seems like he should have toughened up a little more than 13. I would take some away from intelligence, and put it where it's more needed. Does 13 constitution even grant a bonus to hit points? You'd think after all the fights he's been through, he would be able to take a punch with a little more gusto.

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Thanks for stopping to post, F8ed1 and thanks for the input, as well as the vote of confidence. I can certainly appreciate where you're coming from, and I did debate doing that, but I've deliberately put Aklon's CON at 13 so that he doesn't get any bonus hit points, and I'll probably set his base HP on the lowish side.


The rationale I have is that Aklon's done enough in life to have a better than average constitution, but he relies on efficiency of action in his travels and more on avoiding being hit in the first place than on being able to take the damage in combat.


Now, depending on how he looks in testing, I mght nudge up his HP or his CON a bit, but also in terms of game balance, the low hitpoints are part of the offset for his ability to create healing potions using his pharmacopoeia.






And somehow I missed the post by Moongaze. Well, extremely belated thanks for those words of encouragement. :)

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Guest F8ed1

I like your explanation for the moderate constitution score. (emphasizing efficiency over durability) It's hard playing back and forth between D&D 3rd edition and Baldur's gate (2nd edition) because of the huge differences in how stats affect your abilities.


IMO: Aklon will prove very useful in the later part of the game when his magic resistance makes him the only one able to take on illithids solo.(with the help of a few magic items of course). I loved being able to keep the rest of my party out of danger when facing those things, They are the most annoying opponents along with Beholders.


I am really looking forward to having Aklon in my party as there were no NPC monks in the game at ALL! (I ended up playing a Monk b/c they are my favorite character class). Now I will be able to finally play another character class and still have a monk in my party! GODS SPEED my good man!

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Yeah, the jump from 3rd to second edition is a long one when it comes to stats, particularly as there is no maximum human stat, so +1 or 2 bump to a stat is relatively minor in 3rd edition, but huge in second.


It would be quite ironic if Aklon was the best at killing illithids... you'll see why when I'm done. :) Personally, I've always favoured raw AC against them, to stop the brain drain hitting.


And thanks for the encouragement F8ed1, I'll try and make sure Aklon's out as soon as I can finish him.

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