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Altered States


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One thing I hate in the IE games is the permanent "altered state" icons that clutter up the character portraits when certain items are equipped. Enough of these icons can almost totally hide the character's face (or other attributes), making me wonder why I downloaded all those nifty portraits to begin with.:rolleyes:


I know that on a case-by-case basis, one can eliminate the icon using IEEP or similar program. This can be, frankly, a tedious operation, and so I wondered if there was a global means of removing all permanent state icons, in much the same way as the tweak packs remove the helmets.


-- Mal

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Would it be possible to have the altered states show up on the character sheet, but not on the portrait?  Its nice to know when something is altered, but avoiding clutter is good too.

I second this call if the tweak is made. Sometimes an effect will be cancelled by a spell or another item you've equipped in the wrong order and it's good to know what's running on your character. :rolleyes:

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There are, I believe, three approaches I could try for this. The simplest would be to blank all of the portrait icons. This would eliminate them from the portraits, but it would apply to everything--the temporary ones from spells would be gone as well. The upside is that they would display on the records page, just without an icon.


The second idea floated on the IRC channel by Arkenor was to try and re-do the icons to be smaller and less intrusive. This is certainly doable, but would require a lot of artistic effort and not something I'm going to do any time soon. An additional problem with both of these approaches is that it would need to be done by overwriting the current icon file, which causes incompatibilities with other mods that do the same such as Refinements.


The third approach (and the one I've already coded) is to go through items and remove anything that causes an icon to be displayed. The drawback is that removal of the effect that causes the icon to appear on the portrait also removes it from the records page.


None of these are really a wholly satisfactory solution.

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