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Your Most Wanted Mods


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Ok I had this topic Idea and I want to know what you all think. Now before somebody fries me, this is in no way MEANT to judge the worth of a mod. After all you may like a mod for a feature, because you know the modder, or because you like the concept. You may or may not (if you prefer) sort the by order of preference. You may or may not explain why you want this mod out RIGHT NOW :D.

Also I think this may be a nice way to let ppl know of mods in the making they have missed. Only rule is... if you are a modder .. pls no advertising your mod or posting to thank for seeing your mod in these lists...

Now after this disclaimer, meant to keep this thread nice (no insulting mods..) and to avoid my death by torture at the hand of some angry modder... on to my mod list :) (and yes I will write why I like them. I hope nobody will feel offended..)


1) Return to Windspear

Ok this is the mod I want the MOST. I think this huge mod will be the best mod for BG2 when it comes out, and I've been waiting for it for ages. Also, Quitch is my favorite writer dialogue-wise ...


Before somebody complains... all my othe Most Wanted Mods.. are female NPCS relationships or romances. So what. I like girls, ok?



Ok, you guys did it again. lovely concept AND I know your work already. So this is number 2.... *grrs to Sillara and Nethrin but in a friendly way*


3)Imoen Relationship

No idea if this one will be a romance or not.. but poor imoen is probably the second most important character in the game and she gets so little attention .. And in my opinion, she's not really your sister (before you flame me). And also, this is a mod by Quitch so ...


Then, in no particular order, my other Most Wanted Mods



Finally another thief! And it's a female romance! And I like the idea of Fade messing up during the romance :D



Ok, I love this because I like the werewolf idea ;)


Keli and Inara

I must absolutely see two sisters quarreling over you. I think it will be great fun :D



Well I love jcompton writing.. and I always wanted Nalia to be a romance :D I mean.. in the game you can only romance elven clerics... :rolleyes:


Here, these are my Most Wanted Mods right now. I also added links, just for those of you that don't know about these ... Also, if your mod is not here.. it may be because I have too few elements as of now to judge it (Yes this is especially aimed at Kitanya and Amber ... since I think they will be interesting but I know too little of the romance yet...)

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Mods I'm looking forward to, in no particular order:


Return to Windspear (ambitious & very promising project), Amber (with a red-headed tiefling, how can you go wrong? :D ), Keli & Inara (more tieflings :rolleyes: ), Delainy (werewolves :) ), Aklon (monks kick ***), Imoen relationship (an important but neglected NPC) and finally, the new version of Tashia, which will hopefully be finished before I die of old age. :D


There's also a bunch of other interesting mods coming out in the future, but the line must be drawn somewhere: I'm surprised if I will ever have the time to test properly even the mods I mentioned by name!


So, plenty to look forward to.

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Ones I'm looking forward to:







Phenalope Companion




Keli & Inara

Kara & Sieth (if they ever get worked on again)


Return to Windspear

NPC Strongholds

Nocturnal Supremacy

Elai & Nasard

Lands of Intrigue

Shar-Teel (Cliffette's)

Saerileth (just because it is by Nethrin/Sillara)

More Cross-NPC banters courtesy of Grim Squeaker's cross-mod banter pack

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Mods I look forward to without a doubt:


Delainy - the only bard I'll likely ever have in the party. (And the reason I came to this site.)

Saerileth - a female paladin being written by the authors and skilled writer of Tsujatha and Yasraena.

Amber - I like the tiefling concept, but don't care for the HaerDalis character. And Amber is just one NPC so it's easier to fit her into a party.


The rest are on my wait and see list.

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I am looking forward to this little mod I happen to call "Vengeful Rhapsody"...hahaha...kidding, kidding.


I am looking forward to alot of mods, but these are my most anticipated ones (in no particular order).


Additions to the Quest Pack

Delainy/Durlyle Mod

Additions to the Crossmod BanterPack

Lands of Intrigue

Viconia Relationship

Imoen Relationship

Return to Windspear

BG1 NPC Project (the final version, yo)

Unfinished Business (the final version...yeah right!)

Ajantis Mod (Jasteys)

Anishai NPC Mod

Fade NPC Mod

Cailean NPC Mod


:thumbsup: There's probably more...


Edit: What's this Saerileth character I am hearing about? I'll have to check that out...

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There's a whole swathe of mods about that look really good and some I was completely ignorant of until I saw this thread. :thumbsup: But the ones I'm really waiting for are:


Delainy (I've been waiting for that since TotSC!)

Keli & Inara



Lands of Intrigue

Return to Windspear

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*Looks for Lost Crossroads on any of the lists*


Seriously, I look forward especially to the ones that I'm working on:


-Lost Crossroads

-PnP Celestials (the later versions will have celestials that react according to your actions/virtue/reputation)

-Creature Animation Pack

-Elai & Nasard NPC (I am doing some of the quest areas)

-Fields of the Dead

-Surayah NPC

-Unfinished Business

-BG1 Quest Pack

-Blades of Brynlaw (I know it's still in the works)

-Return to Windspear

-Callum NPC

-Lands of Intrigue

-Any mod that has SimDing0 listed as one of the team members

-and any mod I might have forgotten to list, yet I post regularily in the forum of the mod



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I'm woefully behind in keeping up with what mods are getting worked on right now, and I'm certain this list would expand if I did a little research(or refreshed my memory), but as it stands:


Unfinished Business

Blades of Brynnlaw



Lands of Intrigue

More Crossmod banter

And mind, because Oi'd be done with 'em!

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