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Anyone know what the Transition table flag DWORD in the D files unknown flag is?

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DLG V1 Transition table (player dialog options)


0x0000 4 (dword) Flags:


bit 0: 1=Associated text, 0=no associated text

bit 1: 1=Trigger, 0=no trigger

bit 2: 1=Action, 0=no action

bit 3: 1=Terminates dialog, 0=has "next node" information

bit 4: 1=Journal entry, 0=no journal entry

bit 5: Unknown

bit 6: 1=Add Quest Journal entry (BG2)

bit 7: 1=Remove Quest Journal entry (BG2)

bit 8: 1=Add Done Quest Journal entry (BG2)



Unknown... but used right?


I was actually looking for a way to disable the player input in the dialog like so that it works more like a real state machine instead of a "stop" machine.


I'd like this hack because of the inadequacies of BGscript to deal with arithmetic, but thats another story... just got curious why a dword for such a small bitfield and what does that unknown bit in the middle of the (9!, seem pretty unsual) others do.

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I fiddled with it a bit with Weidu. I didn't see nothing changing in game. All the others seem to activate indexes - doesn't have nothing to do with the rest of the upper word?

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Sometimes it duplicates an answer line, how is that useful? I don't know.


Sounds like something buggy they gave up on.

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