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Happy 8th Anniversary G3! Shiny Things Now Included!

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After [too] much downtime, laziness (on my part), and other assorted delays, G3 is finally celebrating its 8th anniversary of modding!


In honor of this event, G3 has undergone a massive site overhaul! That means a new site design, new forums, a new download center, a new portrait gallery, a chat room, and now a Twitter account, which pulls directly from our IE Modding News feed!


Additionally, I've put together a nice little timeline of how the site design has changed over the years. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any screenshots of 2003. Got them!


2003: Original forums! Thanks Com_Solaufein!



2004: The Glory Days of Blonde Imoen!



2005: Aw, the wiki worked!



2006: BG2 Fixpack at V1!



2007: G3 Hosts NWN2 Mods



2008: Still going...



2009: G3 moves hosts, putting an end to super slow page load times.



2010: Updates away!



2011: New site design and some other cool stuff.



Since we're doing a lot of changes in a small amount of time, expect broken links in some places (although we're hoping for none, it happens). Please let myself, Grim Squeaker, or one of the Gibberlings know if you see something that needs correcting on the site.

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The benefit of having an old relic like me around. I know the history of IE modding.



Nice look by the way. Very nice. There seems to be a problem with avatars though.


I was tempted to upgrade to an IP board but I didn't want to use software that I had to buy.

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Nice look by the way. Very nice. There seems to be a problem with avatars though.


The avatars that relied on external links did not make it through the upgrade. If you uploaded an avatar through the old board, your avatar should still be there. If you didn't have an avatar, then you just get the blank picture.

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Welcome back online G3!


But personally I found the years 2005+ look and style (which I loved) to be way better than this new one

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Guest i30817

It's ok. At least the navigation/filtering widgets that are in the main "forum categories" page don't appear in the threads unlike some awful "waste of real estate" forums i know.


Though, a suggestion: the "last updated" widget on the main forum page should probably show the "last updated posts" not the "last updated downloads". But this is possibly just a preference.



A problem though: the forum "sign in" widget in this last version of phpboard is never letting firefox insert my password and user name in all boards that changed to it.


This is possibly nothing to do with you or phpboard, and possibly with the integration of the ubuntu keystore and firefox not recognizing something that is not a form, so don't sweat it.

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If i right click on the sign in, and copy the link to the browser adress bar and load it like that, i enter that thing as a normal form/page, instead of a XHTMLRequest or whatever that is, and firefox and the ubuntu keystore are happier, and fill those fields up automatically.


And i just noticed you also display the latest topics. But maybe they should go before the new files? Since when the page loads it starts at the top.

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Congratulations on the update! And a belated happy birthday! I just got back from Rome yesterday, and I was truly pleased to see G3 in such a great shape. (I've yet to learn where to click for the list of today's posts, though, but I'm learning fasxt).

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