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Typos and Bug Reports

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I believe I found a bug.


Garrick's talk about sun and stars (the one that starts with ~Everyone likes the stars, but what about the sun? Daytime is so much nicer.~) seems to be repeating over and over. I looked it up in the .d file and there is a variable which isn't set right. I corrected it in my game by setting the variable to the beginning of the next lovetalk, but maybe it is something that needs to be corrected for the next version? :)


Also, he never speaks by himself, I have to PID him periodically to get the dialogues. I don't know if it is supposed to be like that.

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Looked through dialogue.d and saw some small things:


~By the goose feathers, it would be so much simpler if you've just stopped taking everything as an affront.~


you've -> you


~That makes too of us, sun-admirers, then!~


too -> two


~But it's for the best. Now I simply must finish this great ballade I'm working on! To, erm, see everything in perspective.~

~It's for the best anyway, right? Because now I simply must finish this great ballad I'm working on! To, erm, see everything in perspective.~


ballade or ballad?


~If you trying to improve your Bovine, the proper pronunciation is "Mooooo..." with an emphasis on the "oooo".~


you trying -> you are trying


~I, uhm, I seem to remember things you like and dislike. It's just, well, happens.~


It's -> It


~I've guessed it when you've read it to me the first time. There was something in your eyes... the indescribable feeling....~


I've guessed it when you've read it to me the first time. -> I guessed it when you read it to me the first time.


~Someone should treat you to the most magnificent things... you deserve it... I was glad todo it).~


todo it). -> to do it.


~I'm glad you've changed your mind! I felt a bit down that you, erm, refusing my offer.~


refusing -> refused


~I am happy because I am in a good company.~


in a good company. -> in good company.


~You have good memories of him. I wonder if I'd felt about father that way if he were gone.... ~


I wonder if I'd felt about father that way if he were gone.... -> I wonder if I'd feel that way about father if he were gone...

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The last block of script.baf should probably be OR(25) for its triggers


Current block :



   RESPONSE #100
//      PlaySong(0)
//      PlaySound("P#GARRIC")


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You'd have to find the block of code Adanedhel posted, change the (12) to (25) and reinstall the mod. I can put a hotfix together tonight, but it will have to wait until tonight. It will only take a few moments, but I need to be home to do it.


Ah, yes, this is what it is to be modding again. But it's about time.

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It turns out that I couldn't do a hotfix without potentially messing up other mods, so I simply versioned up. The new beta is theoretically BGEE compatible, although I'm going to have to ask a friend to test install that since I don't have BGEE. But it installs just fine on Tutu. But the important thing is that the scripting error is fixed.


To avoid scrambled strings and other reinstallation woes, please follow these steps:


1. Print out your weidu.log. To do this, locate your weidu.log in your installation folder and open it with any text editor. Notepad will work, if necessary. Print it out. It is very important to have a hardcopy of this.

2. Beginning with the last entry of your weidu.log, uninstall that mod. Uninstall the one before it, and so on, until you reach Garrick's Infatuation.

3. Uninstall Garrick's Infatuation and delete the folder.

4. Download Garrick's Infatuation here and install it as you normally would.

5. Referring to that printout of your weidu.log, install the mod that came after Garrick's Infatuation, and then each mod after that in order. That is important.

6. Carry on with your game.


Apologies to hook71! I neglected to fix the typos and grammar errors. This will undoubtedly go through one more version up after the BGEE testing comes back, so I will do them then.

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To the best of my knowledge Garrick was my last mod installed for BG1, so it looks like I'll have an easy fix. But thank you for the detailed 'How To' :)

Actually at this point I might just hold off, wait for BG1 NPC, Gavin and the new RE for BG1 to be released for BG:EE and give that game a real go. I've owned it long enough... If this version of Garrick works for BG:EE I'll install him there.

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