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In the BG2 triggers page


0x0001 Acquired(S:ResRef*)

NT Returns true only if the current CRE obtained the specified item in the last script round.

Trigger appears to be broken?


Returns true only if the active CRE was attacked in the style specified (not necessarily hit) or had an offensive spell cast on it by the specified object in the last script round. The style parameter is non functional - this trigger is triggered by any attack style.

Note that the LastAttacker object is only set for physical attacks (i.e. spell and script damage does not set LastAttacker).


0x0003 Help(O:Object*)


Missing 0x0002 even though it has the description no?




Also, why is it that in this page


InParty is repeated?



0x4043 InParty(O:Object*)


0x40d3 InParty(O:Object*)

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Another probable (!?) bug:


"Triggers listed in this file have their trigger object saved (in memory) and are therefore compatible with the Trigger() trigger."


The phrase should remove the mention of the Trigger() trigger since that is irrelevant, already explained in the 0x0024 Trigger(I:TriggerNum*) triggers.htm comment, and induces into error by making you think that there is a Trigger Object, and doesn't even mention the name of the saved object.



So although it is "compatible" with the "Trigger() trigger" the svtriobj.htm comment is less than helpful, leading into errors.


Proposed rewrite:


"Triggers listed in this file have their trigger object saved in memory as LastTrigger."

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Ahaha. The above isn't even wrong.


apparently LastTrigger is very temperamental. Although those functions "store it", they apparently only change the bound object at the end of the block.



I still think the text in that part of IESDP is very confusing though.


And you probably should mention "when" does LastTrigger change (not inside the same block apparently).


There is also a error in the list: "TurnedBy" is in the same line as another trigger.

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