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Improved shapeshifter tweak


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In the improved shapeshifter tweak it says that: "some of the ability score and attack bonuses have been tweaked slightly." What changes are these and how do they compare to the unmodded/other shapeshifter/werewolf mods? How about saves, resistances and regeneration etc.? What would the new stats for the werewolf be?


/ Jonis

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It's basically the following (this is all documented in-game by looking at the tokens themselves):


Standard shapeshift:


Wolf: Base AC 6, Str 17, Dex 18, 2 attacks for base 1d8, increased move rate

Bear: Base AC 7, Str 18/00, Dex 12, 2 attacks for base 1d6


Werewolf shapeshift:


Lesser Werewolf: Base AC 4, Str 18/76, Dex 16, 1 attack for base 1d6, MR 10%

Werewolf: Base AC 1, Str 19, D17, 2 attacks for base 1d8 (counts as +1), MR 20%, hasted

Greater Werewolf: Base AC -4, Str 21, Dex 20, 2 attacks for base 2d6 (counts as +3), MR 40%, Fire/Electrical/Cold/Acid resistance 50%, hasted, regenerate 6 hp/rd


Avenger shapeshift:


Salamander: Base AC 2, Str 18/76, D19, 1 attack for 1d8 damage, 100% MR, hasted, fire shield

Wyvern: Base AC 3, Str18/76, D17, 2 attacks for 2d4 + 25% chance of 3 points of poison damage

Sword Spider: Base AC 2, Str 16, D 16, 3 attacks, Damage 1d4 + poison (save or take 2hp/rd for 6 rds), hasted, immune to webs


Elemental shapeshift:



Fire Elemental: Base AC -5, Str 22, Dex 25, 2 attacks for base 1d10 crushing + 1d10 fire damage, movement rate increased, fire shield, immune to fire

Earth Elemental: Base AC -5, Str 25, Dex 10, 2 attacks for base 2d10 crushing, movement rate decreased, 50% immunity to physical damage.

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