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Is there any chance IESDP is going to be updated too?


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IESDP hasn't changed from 2010?


Meanwhile there were some discoveries, mainly by devsin and aVENGER, that were never put in, so they are lost in the void of the forums.





There are possibly more i've been unable to find.


The stats are quite useless without a description of what they set and how. Maybe a systematic script could be made for testing them? Something that would log to file with TobEx,

cast a spell from all of them on a immortal creature/self immortal creature, test all stats for >0 and if finds one try to find it on a range of 0...255, print it

clear all status effects on finish, and continue to the next spell.



It would take some heroic WeiDU coding though.

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The information in the linked threads is included in the IESDP.


The stats are quite useless without a description of what they set and how.

I think this is one of the most intuitive areas of the engine. What could PROFICIENCYSHORTSWORD possibly represent Or LORE? Oh, wait... I guess I could read the names.

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Well, some stats are not entirely intuitive. Like PUPPETMASTERID or SUMMONDISABLE.


SUMMONDISABLE - the actor is not rendered on the game area. Used in summoned monsters to leave time for their summoning graphics to play.

PUPPETMASTERID - the global object identifier of the puppetmaster stored in the puppet. (Used by opcode 236).

PUPPETMASTERTYPE - See parameter 2 of opcode 236.

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