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CoM: Yoshimo Romance Version 1 Released

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Yoshimo Romance v1.0 is released!

The romance with infamous bounty hunter moved from official beta, to full v1.0!


"The work of a bounty hunter is a difficult one, my friend. Besides the extent to which it demands our cunning, we are pushed into the merry chase of ‘hunter’ and ‘prey’."


You know the man - bound by fate, a toy of an evil puppet-master. Yet he still has some honor and a sharp blade in his hand. Follow Yoshimo - a Kara-Turan adventurer - on his road towards unchangeable future. Discover his past, listen to his tales...but would you dare to trust him?


"Aren't you afraid of this? Most stories have unpredictable endings, and usually for the worst."


To improve the quality of the mod, SisterVigilante - author of Angelo NPC and more - helped to polish this gem.


Visit the Yoshimo forums for more information!

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