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Using a new IDS file?


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Does Weidu support using a new IDS file for compilation purposes?


I am using SendTrigger and Trigger and i don't think they have a IDS file (and are limited to 256? I heard something like that - i hope so because i'm assuming that i can send more than one trigger per round to a char).


It would be nice to be able to use a IDS file to compile and be able to read the code afterwards.

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I found out how from the bigg.

you need to add lines to action.ids and trigger.ids like this:

APPEND ~ACTION.IDS~ ~62 SendTrigger(O:Target*,I:TriggerNum*tr)~ UNLESS ~62 SendTrigger(O:Target*,I:TriggerNum*tr)~

APPEND ~TRIGGER.IDS~ ~0x0024 Trigger(I:TriggerNum*tr)~ UNLESS ~0x0024 Trigger(I:TriggerNum*tr)~

COPY ~general_thieving/tr.ids~ ~override/tr.ids~

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