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v15: Material for inclusion


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Ha! Not really :D I'm not a fan of cutscenes. Still, I will try to include file names and death variables to make coding a bit more easy :) I'm preparing Varshoon-Quayle talks, Quayle-Yvette, Yvette-Varshoon... maybe some more... Just some small talks, because it would be a pity to let them stay in silence.

So, are you interested in Yvette-Gavin crossmod? The would talk a bit, I suppose. A priestress of Sune and cleric of Lathander may have some issues to discuss.

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It isn't at all unusual for K'aeloree or me to code the banters submitted for the CBP, so no worries there. We do ask that modders who want us to code it supply the necessary dialogue file names, script names, and DVs so that we don't have to dig through the mods for the information, but coding banters is straightforward enough. If you want the banters to occur at a specific point in the game or after certain conditions are met, you would have to supply that information, as well.


Sure, I'm up for Gavin crossmod. After the big push to get the ToB stuff done, I was avoiding working on anything Gavin-related because I was burned out and didn't want it to sound like I was "just phoning it in," as they say, but I've been working on other things and have recovered enough to write stuff for him again. And speaking of which, I really should put the voice pack together. Next weekend, though. This one is a holiday.

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Ok, here are some crossmod banters for my NPCs, yet they need proofreading. First some info, though.



Aeon's Death Variable: AEONDV
Aeon's SoA banter file: 1xAEONB
Aeon's ToB banter file: 1xAE25B

Quayle's Death Variable: QUAYLE
Quayle's SoA banter file: 1xQUAYB
Quayle's ToB banter file: 1xQU25B

Varshoon's Death Variable: Varshoon
Varshoon's SoA banter file: VxVarB
Varshoon's ToB banter file: VxVar25B

Yvette's Death Variable: YxYve
Yvette's SoA banter file: YxYveB
Yvette's ToB banter file: YxYv25B

Swylif's Death Variable: LD#SWY
Swylif's ToB banter file: LD#SWYB


And here are the banters themselves.



Varshoon: *Move on, gnome.*
Quayle: Do not stand so close to me! Stand...stand over there!
Varshoon: *You're not in the place to command me.*
Quayle: I...I am! I... I'm smarter than you are! So...
Varshoon: *Your mental potential is much lower than of any other mage I met. You're barely smarter than mice.*
Quayle: You're just not aware of my TRUE potential, illithid! But.. erm...
Quayle: ...I mean...
Quayle: I may be smart, but I'm sure my brain doesn't really taste good. It's really sour.
Varshoon: *You're too proud to admit you're intelligence isn't high and a coward adraid of illithids. Pathetic.*
Quayle: I'm not afraid! I'm...too smart for this!
Varshoon: *No, you're not.*

Varhoon: *Watch where you're going, mammal.*
Quayle: It's you again? I told YOU to stand away from me!
Varshoon: *I won't obey such a pathetic mammal as you are.*
Quayle: Look, I don't want you to stand behind my back! I have a feeling that you're going to use those... those tentacles of yours to to get my precious brain!
Varshoon: *You're ridiculous. I don't find your brain temptating.*
Quayle: Pfe! Yeah, right! You just want me to relax so you could attack without a fear of being stopped! Do you really think I'm that stupid?!
Varshoon: *Yes, you are - even though you are completely wrong, I find both you and your brain weak.*
Quayle: But... but... just leave me, alright? You give me shivers!

Varshoon: *I'm loosing my patience, mammal. You're on my way again.*
Quayle: That's enough! I won't let order me...! P-prepare t-to d-d-die...!
Varshoon: *You won't attack. You're to frightened.*
Quayle: I...I can kill you! Don't you believe?! I...I...I shall prove it!
Varshoon: *You should already stop with this farce, pathetic mammal, or I should silence you for good.*
Quayle: I...
Quayle: I won't...!
Varshoon: *This is my last warning. Next time I will end this without any hestitation.*


Quayle: Why are you still here? I though you would leave <CHARNAME> once Irenicu is dead!
Varshoon: *You HOPED that I would leave. I will stay as long as I want to. <CHARNAME> gives me benefits. I am feeded and get stronger. That should be enough for now.*
Quayle: Just feed yourself on your own! You're strong enough!
Varshoon: *Indeed, yet whith <CHARNAME> I may taste minds of stronger creatures. I can feed with thoughts of Bhaalspawns.*
Varshoon: *You shall not get more reasons. If you're not yet convinced, that's your problem. I won't discuss my motives with worthless being like you, gnome.*
Quayle: Pf! Fine! I'm not interested in talking with you as well!




Yvette: Mister Quayle? Is everything alright?
Quayle: You really remind me of my poor Aerie... I can't forget her face. She was such a good girl.
Yvette: I understand, mister Quayle. It must be really difficult to loose someone you took care of.
Quayle: Indeed, it is...
Quayle: She had a lot of potential. I think she was stronger than I am, even though she still had some tricks to learn. I wish I could share my intelligence with her again.
Yvette: Gods will surely watch over her soul, I am sure of it, mister Quayle. She was a good person. It's an honour if I really remind you of her.
Quayle: Yes, you do, but I think I'd like to stay alone for a moment.
Quayle: But thank you for your comforting words, Ae-... Yvette.
Yvette: I'm really sorry.

Yvette: You're waterskin is empty? Please, use mine.
Quayle: Thank you. Your kindness is really surprising, Yvette. That's not something common, in our times.
Quayle: I'm afraid some people may want to use this. If anything happens, please, tell me. Quayle the Smart will smash them with intelligence!
Yvette: Oh, thanks! Heh, that's really nice of you, mister Quayle. I hope I won't need your help, though. With some luck over my head I won't meet that kind of people.
Quayle: Yet if it happens, feel free to ask me for help, Aerie!
Yvette: It's Yvette. My name is Yvette.
Quayle: I... I'm really sorry, Yvette.
Yvette: You're still thinking of her, yes?
Quayle: I just... I can't let it go.
Yvette: Then keep it in your heart, Quayle. Sune cares for those who know how to store precious things in their heart.
Quayle: Heh, you're smarter than you seem, Yvette! Well... Let us move on! We... we have a lot to do and I think my brain needs some gymnastics!


Yvette: Oh...
Quayle: Are you feeling fine, Yvette? You look pale!
Yvette: Y-yes... just... just give me a second. I need to catch a breath or two.
Quayle: You should sleep more. There's no need to say so many prayers to Sune. Yes, I am smart and I can see you're spending ours on that.
Yvette: I... I just don't sleep well lately and I'd rather think a bit than just sit in one place. It's not just about prayers, but I...
Yvette: There are always some issues to think about.


YVETTE-SWYLIF (ToB since Swylif is ToB only)

Swylif: What's this! Are you eating lettuce?! How dare you?! How very dare you?!
Yvette: Excuse me? It's just a sandwitch.
Swylif: But it has some lettuce! Do not lie, girl! I can see it - I'm not blind!
Yvette: Well, there is a leaf of lettuse or maybe two, but that's not a crime. I prepared this sandwitch so I had somethig to eat while we march. I don't feel well lately, so...
Swylif: That is disgousting! Can you hear me? I feel disgoused with this...this sandwitch of yours. Pfe!
Yvette: But it's just a lettuce.
Swylif: *Just a lettuce*?! It's so... green! And it has no taste! And it's so... so... bleh!
Yvette: I...I think I will get off your sight and just finish it over there...
Swylif: That's what you should do!
Swylif: *Just a lettuce*... This is sick...




Yvette: I...I can't believe I'm travelling with a creature like you. What are you?
Varshoon: *I'm an illithid. A mind flayer. That's how your kind calls us.*
Yvette: I believe read about you. You are considered monsters. I just... I don't understand why you decided to join <CHARNAME>'s group.
Varshoon: *You don't have to understand this. It's an issue that shoulnd't concern you, mammal.*
Yvette: But still it...troubles me. A bit.
Varshoon: *Trouble not. Troubeling will make you weaker and once you are weaker, you will die. That would cause a delay and delay can't possibly help us.*
Yvette: This sounds really...logical. You work as a machine. You do things that are logical. That's somehow sad.
Varshoon: *Why so?*
Yvette: You find no place for emotions in your body. That makes you cold and hollow.
Varshoon: *No. Emotions make you - mammals - careless and confused. Illithids are free of this worthless burden. That's all in the matter.*




Aeon: Oi! Yvette, have you got a spare apple? My stomach is rumbling!
Yvette: I'm sorry, but this was the last one. I already bite it...
Aeon: That's fine. So, care to give me just one bite? Worry not, I don't have a doggy breath!
Yvette: Well...fine...
Aeon: Thanks!
Aeon: Mmm! It's delicious! Gods, I really felt like having a bite. Thank you. You saved my life. Oh, and sorry I took such a huge bite. That's a bad habit, I suppose.
Yvette: It's fine. You know, maybe just take the apple. You seem to be more hungry than I am.
Aeon: Really? Wow, thanks! I owe you a pint!
Yvette: That's not really neccesary...

Aeon: Gods, I'm not surprised you actually praise Sune! You're quite a beauty!
Yvette: (blushes) Thank you. It's not... I mean... erm...
Yvette: I do not hail Sune becuse I'm pretty, or something. I just believe in her. She's able to warm a heart or two. Being attractive has nothing to do with it.
Aeon: Well, I know. It's just - I believe you suit your religion, that's all.
Yvette: Thank you...I suppose.
Aeon: You're welcome.


Aeon: How will this everything end, Yvette? Any idea?
Yvette: You mean the chaos caused by Bhaalspawns? I have no idea, yet I hope that the war won't result in pain and suffering.
Aeon: I'm afraid a lot of people have died already. This is happening already.
Yvette: Indeed, but...sometimes I hope this is just a bad dream and that it will end once someone wake me up.
Aeon: I see. But it's not a dream. It's reality and it troubles you. I can see dark shadows under your eyes.
Yvette: A lot of troubles me lately.
Aeon: Try to ignore it somehow. I know it's difficult, but we need you here, with us.
YVette: I will do my best, I promise.




Swylif: It's uncommon to see an illithid on the surface, travelling with a <PRO_RACE>.
Varshoon: *I could say the same thing about you, svirfneblin.*
Swylif: However, as long as you are our ally, it's fine with me. You are strong enough and your support is quite effective.
Varshoon: *Most of your race would be afraid of me.*
Swylif: Ha! But I'm not! I'm Swylif Thicc! An arcane master!
Varshoon: *You're surely more amusing joker than a real master.*
Varshoon: *But I care not for your feelings, as well I'm not bothered with your opinion about my presence in this group.*

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Now it's Quaye-Xan content. Kulyok should confirm it soon :)

Quayle's variables / .d info is in previous post.


Quayle: Your mood is giving me a headache, Xan! We know what happens when I can't use the power of my magnificent brain, don't we?
Xan: Obviously. We suffer of merciful silence. But, truly, how can you live without any doubts about what we're doing?
Quayle: Excuse me? What do you mean?
Xan: I mean vampires. Ghouls. Vicious and insane sorcerers. Assassins.
Quayle: I do have doubts, Xan. I do. That's why I still think of... those we lost.
Xan: I guess you mean those *you* lost. You are barely interested with matters which doesn't apply to you or your circus.
Quayle: You do not understand!
Xan: Of course I do, and that just reassures me in the fact that death is inevitable. Every day, our party offers willing sacrifices to the vengeful Fates.
Quayle: And you believe she was one of them? One of those "sacrifices"?
Xan: Indeed.
Quayle: Then stop grunting in my direction and leave me be! Both my brain and I need some space.


Quayle: It's not that I don't care about what happen here, with us, Xan. Her death... it's difficult to cope with it.
Xan: You're not the only one who lost someone precious, gnome. There are plently of those. Almost everyone we have travelled with lost someone. Kivan. Jaheira. . Yeslick.
Xan: That's how life looks like. It's completelly normal.
Quayle: Normal? I pity us all then!
Xan: Unfortunately, that won't change a thing, Quayle.
Quayle: Mumbo-jumbo! Things can always be changed!
Xan: Try, if you believe it. I don't think it's worth the effort. Even if you manage to change anything, it will result in something else. Something worse, probably.


Quayle: How can you and your brain live like that?
Xan: Excuse me?
Quayle: Believing that nothing can be changed? That fate can not be stopped? That rain must always wet our hats. No matter how splendid is the hat. And how expensive.
Xan: Call it as you want - life, fate, destiny, law - yet you won't change it. That's like attempting to freeze the sun. No matter how powerful you are, or whether you are Quayle or Irnicus...
Xan: ... you won't succeed.
Xan: And there is nothing bad about it.
Quayle: Pf!
Xan: That's how it is, gnome. If you want to have a happy life, you'd better just take off your hat and hide it in your pack.
Xan: You will be able to keep it for a day or two longer.
Quayle: Pf! Don't pretend you're worried about my hat!


Quayle: What now? You need something from me and my brain?
Xan: Here, take this.
Quayle: What's that? Your last will or something?
Xan: It's a protection spell. To protect your... hat. From freezing rain, or scorching sun. That's better than nothing.
Quayle: Urm... thank you. That was... somehow... unexpected.
Xan: Don't believe you can expect everything, Quayle. If that were possible, we would live forever.



Quayle: You didn't believe that we can beat Irenicus, but here we are! Victorious!
Xan: Indeed, that was quite surprising, but I wouldn't call us victorious. There are issues that remained unresolved.
Quayle: At least we are both *alive*, Xan!
Quayle: Oh, come on! It could be worse! You've got proof that we can do *a lot*!
Xan: I've got proof that we can survive intrigues of a devilish warlock. That we can beat a vampire or two. We may need more power next time. And thanks to 's heritage, there *will be* a next time.
Quayle: Gods, you will never change! You're grunting all the time. Babbling about horrible world...
Quayle: Ohhh... Headache, I knew you would return.


Quayle: Do you think that if I was a god, I would be able to bring her back?
Xan: You will never bring back Aerie. This law can never be broken. I thought you are wise enough to know this.
Quayle: Oh, of course I am! I mean... hmm...
Quayle: I think that with my amazing intellect, with the power of my exquisite brain, I will be able to do that much. Or even more!
Xan: If you think so, you're no better than Tiax.
Quayle: Hey! I *am* better than Tiax the madman!
Xan: Oh, obviously, Quayle the Wise.

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Hey! I've just released my Petsy NPC. The mod includes a crossmod with Nephele, but I was wondering - can it go with the Crossmod as well so it could be installed under specific circumstances (I mean if player didn't install the content with Petsy, because for example Nephele wasn't installed that time and crossmod was just skipped)?


Here are the banters that were already fixed by Liam

// Petsy1
CHAIN IF ~InParty("L3Petsy")
Global("L3PetsyNephele","LOCALS",0)~ THEN BLK#NEP NPet01x00
~You should really be more careful, Petsy. Your shirt is saturated!~
DO ~SetGlobal("L3PetsyNephele","LOCALS",1)~
== L3PetsyB ~I think it's this waterskin. I think it must be broken, it's been leaking for a while.~
== BLK#NEP ~Come now, dear, there's no need to blame the waterskin. We're all friends here, we can admit our mistakes!~
== L3PetsyB ~But really, it's the waterskin!~
== BLK#NEP ~(sigh) Of course it is. Alright, well, let me see if I have a shirt that will fit you... give me a moment.~
== L3PetsyB ~Thank you, but I'm fine, really. It'll dry.~
== BLK#NEP ~Just take the shirt, Petsy. We can't afford you catching a cold.~
= ~You'll thank me later.~

// Petsy2
CHAIN IF ~InParty("L3Petsy")
Global("L3PetsyNephele","LOCALS",1)~ THEN BLK#NEP NPet02x00
~Petsy, really, dear. That's twice in as many days!~
DO ~SetGlobal("L3PetsyNephele","LOCALS",2)~
== L3PetsyB ~I didn't do it on purpose! It's the waterskin, I told you!~
== BLK#NEP ~I highly doubt that. Hand it here, I'll take a look. ~
= ~You see? There's nothing... wrong...~
== L3PetsyB ~I *did* tell you.~
== BLK#NEP ~Where did you buy this? The make is appalling! No wonder it's leaking!~
= ~You should really be more discerning, Petsy. We'll look for a new waterskin when we next have a bit of free time.~
== L3PetsyB ~I think I can handle buying a waterskin, but thank you anyway.~
== BLK#NEP ~Don't be silly, dear! Two sets of eyes are better than one!~
== L3PetsyB ~(sigh) If you say so.~

// Petsy3
CHAIN IF ~InParty("L3Petsy")
Global("L3PetsyNephele","LOCALS",2)~ THEN BLK#NEP NPet03x00
~Hmm? Oh, thank you, dear. I was wondering where that shirt had got to!~
DO ~SetGlobal("L3PetsyNephele","LOCALS",3)~
== L3PetsyB ~I bought an extra shirt just in case anything else happened. Thank you for lending it to me.~
== BLK#NEP ~My pleasure, dear. I'm glad it was of use!~
== L3PetsyB ~There is something I'd... well, I'd like to say, though.~
= ~You're very kind to me. Why is that? I mean, I know you're a nice person, but the waterskin thing, the shirt...~
== BLK#NEP ~I'm a mother, Petsy. It just comes naturally.~
== L3PetsyB ~But I'm not your child...~
== BLK#NEP ~Well, that's abundantly clear. All of my children would have checked the waterskin for leaks *before* they bought it!~
== L3PetsyB ~Hey!~
== BLK#NEP ~I'm kidding, dear. Everyone has moments of forgetfulness. Even me!~


Petsy download in case you would like to check something like...the tp2 etc.


Are you planning the new release any soon?

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What you ask isn't possible. Without a check file, there is no way to tell if specific banters have been installed.


You can either continue to distribute crossmod material with your mod or you can include it in the Crossmod Banter Pack. You can't do both.

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But can't it be checked if Petsy component 1 (0 is the main one) is installed and if not, the installator would compile the dialogue file? It's not that I doubt, just trying to figure out a solution. If it won't work, then well... I will think which option will be better.

Oh, maybe I would make it in a different way - my tp2 would create for example a blank file and G3 would skip these banters if the blank file exists? :)

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I know that you are on fire to have these banters in at the earliest opportunity, but if you want your banters to be included, I'm going to ask you to follow the same procedures as every other NPC mod that is included in the pack. We check for the dialogue file of both NPC mods and we check for whether it is SoA-only or SoA+ToB. Please do not ask us to check "If X, then Y, but not if there's Q."


The problem with your suggestion is that some players will install Nephele, then Petsy, then CBP (banters get included with Petsy, skipped with CBP). Other players will install Petsy, then Nephele, then CBP... and banters will not get installed at all because Petsy component 0 is detected.


Please don't ask us to make exceptions for one mod. If we start deviating from established policy over this point, somebody else will wonder why we aren't doing this other thing especially for them, and somebody else will want us to do this other very special thing just for them, and it never ends.

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First of all - once again you don't understand that I asked about the date of release, because I may write some crossmod, not because I want to have it now.

Second thing is that you should just say that it just won't work even with my suggestions. I already wrote:

If it won't work, then well... I will think which option will be better.

So I think it's clear I don't think it's like "oh! it must be included! It must!". I was just asking 'cause I have no idea what are the "procedures".

And that's all.

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- Write banter.

- Get it approved by any other modders involved.

- Supply the names of any relevant dialogue files and/or scripts. For mod-added NPCs, these are the only file checks required.

- For expansions on BioWare NPCs, supply the name of a check file (e.g. an item)

- Post it here.

- Other modders confirm approval.

- It gets included in the next update.


That is all there is to it. If you want Petsy to be included in the romance conflicts, you need to specify that info in the appropriate thread.


As for release date, sorry! I totally missed that part - work browser is very old (IE 6!) and parts of the post are cut off. If I am doing it, it will not happen until May. I am moving house. If K'aeloree is doing it, that would depend upon his availability.

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I'm not sure I understand the problem; as long as the crossmod banters are in a separate component of Petsy, we can check that. I didn't realise there was a rule against having crossmod in both CBP and our own mods--if that's the case, uh, I've actually broken it a couple of times, because I include crossmod in some of my mods. If it's a separate component, shouldn't that be OK?

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