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Installation Questions on fp-v4

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I looked through the forums for answers before starting a new thread, to make sure I didn't miss an answer somewhere else.


I was trying to figure out how to install fp-v4, because the instructions listed for the romance pack specify the fp_1.7z files and the fp_music7z files. But the fp-v4 folder has seperate sub-folders for each romantic interest. Not sure where to put everything.

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1) Make sure that any variant of fp_v* is deleted from your atari/nwn2/Override directory (the game one, NOT the My Documents one). This is imperative. You should not have any previous versions in your My documents override, either.


2) Extract the archive in your game override directory (NOT the My Documents override!). Don't worry about folders or sub-folders. The game doesn't care.


3) Play.


Sorry, but SoZ broke the music pack and there's nothing we can do to fix it. So there's no point in installing the music pack.

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So, question, slightly related to this topic. I installed the mod, it seems to be working fine, however there is no sound in the new dialogue options. Do I need to start a new game for some reason or is there something I'm just doing wrong?


I see wav files in the folders, but no dialogue plays when the flirt options are used. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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