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Crash on loading savegame (BG1)


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This savegame was created with the original BG1 engine (GOG edition) + widescreen mod:



When I try to load this save with GemRB, it crashes. Console output:


[ResourceManager]: Searching for GTRBPSK2... GTRBPSK2.mos...[chitin.key]

[ResourceManager]: Searching for Montaron.cre...[ERROR]

[Game::CheckForReplacementActor]: LoadCreature failed: pos is negative!

Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-close.c: 743: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed!


I can load the game with BG1 under wine, but it will crash when I try to enter the Jolly Jester Inn. If anyone has a hint on how I can fix that, it would be most appreciated.


I'm using a recent git checkout of GemRB. Last commit was


commit e99774a395a96d318a5ea4266f6dbb904598102b

Author: Avenger <avenger_teambg@sourceforge.net>

Date: Mon Dec 12 23:05:06 2011 +0100

on Debian testing.

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it's not crashing, but triggering an abort (assert). Montaron is mentioned in the gam (of course), but you're missing his creature file. Sounds like a bad path, let me see if the save works here.




Nope, same problem. Let's see why it's looking for a bad filename (should be montarX.cre).




Ok, fixed. I could also enter the inn successfully. :)

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