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tyris romance stuck!


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Either it's got stuck or you killed the romance. Look up how to enable the console (if you google baldur's gate 2 cheats, it'll tell you).


Check if you killed it


Type in:




If it returns 3, you pissed her off and killed the romance (or picked another romancee). If it returns 1 or 2, everything is fine.


Check if it got stuck


Occasionally this happens that for some reason the lovetalk counter gets stuck. You then want to float your mouse over her portrait and type in:




This will return the number of the current talk, which I'm guessing will be 20. If it is 20 or any other even number, float your mouse over her portrait again and type:




Basically you're increasing the lovetalk count by 1.


If it's not stuck on an even number, tell me what it is.

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