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Master of Thralls has HLAs?!?!?


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Hi, so I recently installed SCSII and ticked the option for appropriate enemies in SoA (as well as ToB) to get access to High Level Abilities. I assumed though, perhaps foolishly, that with the possible exception of Tolgarias or whoever it is that you face at the end of the Planar Sphere (which I therefore decided to do last in ch.3) quest that I wouldn't have to face anyone who uses them until after I came back from the Underdark. To my surprise however, the Prison Warden in the Astral Prison where you go to rescure Haer'Daelis and the other actors seems to have both mage and cleric HLAs (i.e. when I run into him he both casts Blade Barrier and drops a Dark Planetar on my head...). Now, I suppose I really shouldn't have been surprised by this. The Warden is clear a pretty powerful being if this really is 'one of the worst prisons in the planes' and all that, and so storywise it makes total sense for him to have HLAs. I also understand that most people who've installed SCSII are very, very good players who can beat almost anything in the vanilla game with any level of party, even without extreme cheese. But whilst I love the game dearly, i'm not especially good at it (it's been plenty enough challenge just dealing with the fact that almost all mages now have the sense to cast spell immunity: divination and shadow door combos), and so I'd like some advice on how to defeat a HLA casting demon surrounded by Yuan-Ti mages with a bunch of L11 NPCs. (Party is a Sorceror, Keldorn, Minsc, Mazzy and Aerie). I don't care how cheesy the tactic is (though it can't involve traps as I have no thief right now-no locks in the astral prison), I just don't want to have to go back to before entering the prison, since I've already worked my way through several fights. About the only useful item I have is the wand of cloudkill. I have tried the 'cast cloudkill and run away tactic' but I get chased by a Dark Planetar, which is frankly a bit much for my party already, never mind someone who can summon one(!). Bear in mind I also have no scrolls etc.


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I don't personally know, sorry (I don't myself play with HLAs for SoA creatures at all). However, the Bioware boards (social.bioware.com/forums) have a fairly lively community of people who play SCS with maximum difficulty settings, so if no-one here can hel, you could try there.


I haven't revised the SoA list of HLA creatures for a long time. I can see the case for restricting it to Ch4 and later foes; I'll consider that for a later version (not that that helps you).

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