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wild mage sex change and romances


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I'm playing a wild mage and I just got hit with the wild surge sex change effect. Does anybody know how this is going to affect my romances? I'm currently starting a romance with Branwen, and I used to have a romance with Shar-Teel until my reputation got too high. What's going to happen? And are Xan and whoever else going to start flirting with me now?

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I think if RomanceMatch has already been established (with Branwen, for example), then the romance will continue, though I would apply Dispel Magic in the nearest temple, just to avoid awkwardness. :)


And, yes, unfortunately, if your Charisma is 13 and above, Coran will flirt with you(same for good reputation good/lawful neutral characters or druids for Ajantis, or elves for Xan), so I would try my best to avoid that. :) If it started, you can reload, if you want, or, if they started flirting with you already, you may need to set their romance/match variables back via console.

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