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Delayed Christmas Eve Taster


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Whoops, not only has another year gone by without my finishing Aklon, but I even forgot the Christmas Eve taster. So, somewhat belated, but still before 2012 peeks in to say hello, I offer a little bit more of what there will be when I'm finished.


So, a belated Merry Kweeznuz to all, and to all a good, er, past.


Here, Aklon and Jaheira say hello, the first of quite a few conersations...





Aklon: So, Jaheira, I am told you have only a few years on <CHARNAME>, yet you have the look of a veteran of many campaigns.


Jaheira: Oh yes? You were told? Only a young thing, am I? You will find it wise not to believe everything you hear.


Aklon: For those who have elven blood, age is not easy to discern, but the numbering of your years does not concern me. Rather, I speak of your attitude.


Jaheira: My attitude? Hmmph. It is what it is.


Aklon: Precisely. Skill and prowess are important, and I believe I have been with this company long enough to see you have those. More importantly, you approach battle with caution and seriousness. Too many, even experienced soldiers, approach conflict with a wild abandon that so often ends lives, and not of the foe.


Jaheira: There is a time for fury in a fight, but I think you know that.


Aklon: The appearance of it is useful to intimidate an enemy.


Jaheira: Yes... appearance. Battle is chaos though, any approach can be fatal. I think your treatment of life is better. I've seen too many a man of your age think when he should act and act when he ought to have a damn good think.


Aklon: Quite a lot of men do not arrive at my age.


Jaheira: Not all for their own faults.


Aklon: Aye. Such is life.


Jaheira: But it is a boon to have someone who can help with those whose heads stray into the clouds.

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As with all of the samples you've given, I am very pleased. It makes me look forward to your eventual completion of this project moreso than most mods I have come across over the years. I fell in love with the personality you've given this character (well, of what I've seen) and I always creep back here to check up on Aklon. I wish you luck on your progress with this and with life.

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How many years has it been? Who cares. I constantly keep checking this page in hopes to see that Aklon is still being worked on. Awesome work BigRob, and more awesome your determination. We're supporting you! :)

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Thanks xburcus, it has been a lot of years I've been working on this now, and I thank everyone still following on for the rather, er, extreme level of patience that implies. I'm going to try and knuckle down more and make an effort to get more done this year. I'm not all that far away really, so more effort will hopefully put me over the line.

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