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SHS: W_GUI Released


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Spellhold Studios


After playing the same game for over ten years, it's obvious that some players may be bored with the old brownish interface and the usual menu layout. This is mod for those who are tired of the current layout and who are not afraid to discover a new visual style. It's still the same good old Baldur's Gate 2, but in new shades of blue.


W_GUI is a game modification that aims to completely redo the graphical user interface for Baldur's Gate 2, BGTuTu and BGT. The mod works well with the bigg's Widescreen Mod and includes new game fonts in different sizes, for those who play in high resolutions and think that original font is too small and hard to read. W_GUI also supports tweaks to the game interface made by Ascension64 ToBEx.


The mod is in the beta phase of development but is mostly finished, and even in it's current state replaces most of game's interface seen during singleplayer.


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