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Gender combinations? (Found my answer.)

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So, I feel slightly dumb for having to ask this, but can you mix and match genders, or is it only male/female romances in this mod? I've really tried to look around for answers, but I couldn't find any answers. Maybe it's a silly question, I don't know! Thanks in advance.


EDIT: So I ended up finding my answer on this very forum. I don't know how I missed it before.

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You didn't fnd it because you were looking for something else?


Just in case there's any doubt...


Male protagonists can flirt with Elanee, Neeshka, Safiya, and Sand. Elanee and Neeshka appear in the Walls scene.


Female protagonists can have full romances with Bishop and Casavir. They can flirt with Gann and Sand. Bishop and Casavir appear in the Walls scene.


I use "and" here intentionally. Romacing or flirting with one does not prevent romancing (or flirting with) another. Up until the Walls scene, anyway.

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