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Icewind Dale in Baldur's Gate II version 7 (beta) available for testing

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Version 7 of Icewind-Dale-in-Baldur's-Gate-II, a conversion project to play IWD in the BG2 engine, is now available. This is a joint project, mostly by CamDawg and myself with lots of community help.


I am cautiously optimistic that version 7 is recreationally playable, but it's definitely still a beta. Basically all the bugs noticed in testing version 6 are now fixed, but there will no doubt still be others lurking.


You can download the mod here. (Be warned: it's about 20 MB.) To install:

  1. Ensure that you're running Windows (the mod doesn't work for Mac or *nix)
  2. Ensure that you have a full (and preferably unmodded) install of BG2, including ToB, and with the latest patch
  3. Ensure that you have a full (and preferably unmodded) install of IWD, including both Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster (the converter doesn't work without both)
  4. Run the mod executable (preferably as an administrator or with UAC turned off, if you're on Vista or later) and enter a new directory for the mod to be installed in
  5. After a minute or two, you will be prompted to enter the path of your BG2 install; do so
  6. After another minute or two, you will be prompted to enter the path of your IWD install; do so
  7. Go and have a coffee or something, as the rest of the install process will take fifteen minutes or so
  8. Look downthread and download and run the latest version of the fixpack/tweakpack
  9. Run the game by running BGMain.exe, in your IWD-in-BG2 directory.[/font][/color]


Note that if you want to create more than one character yourself (rather than playing with the basic NPCs included in the fixpack/tweakpack, or with Kulyok's Icewind Dale NPC mod), you should

  1. save immediately after starting the game
  2. move your savegame folder from the MPSAVE folder to the SAVES folder
  3. reload your savegame in single-player mode

You should be able to use the widescreen mod with IWD-in-BG2; you should also probably be able to use Kulyok's Icewind Dale NPC mod and CamDawg's IWD Item Upgrade and IWD Unfinished Business mods. Other mods that introduce kits and tweaks may also work, but are at own risk currently.

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Version 7.13 of the Fixpack/Tweakpack is available here.





  • Avengers now restricted from studded leather
  • Shield (via spell or item) now protects against Magic Missile
  • Various innates (such as druidic shapeshifting) weren't working since they were set as level 0 spells
  • Fixed a bug with the trial involving trapped chests in TotL
  • Fixed bug with Damien spamming help stringheads in Easthaven
  • Fixed a pair of creature soundsets
  • Fixed bug with Souls not casting Shadow Pact in the Severed Hand
  • HLAs are no longer available
  • Began import of fixes from the latest IWD Fixpack; this should be complete when the mainline mod hits v8


  • Entrance to the Watchknight's crypt is now correctly locked.
  • Purvis no longer crashes the game
  • tightened some of the difficulty-dependent code that determines which enemies show up in the Luremaster's Keep
  • Fixed (properly this time?) the bug in the Amulet of Black Ice
  • Oswald's necklace of missiles now has >1 charge


  • Wylfdene's death animation no longer causes a CTD
  • Angaar no longer disappears from the gate after your first conversation with Wylfdene.
  • Everyone now starts with a staff
  • Non-hostile wailing virgins should no longer be encountered
  • On-island detector now works correctly for parties of <6
  • On-island detector creature is now hidden (no more unlabelled neutral creature near Hjollder on the BI)
  • Stairs in AR9701 are now accessible from the bottom
  • Moved the spectral guards in AR9711 onto the new hidden-creature system
  • Corrected a logic error in the transcription of CheckAveragePartyLevel (this was causing various TotLM hostiles to vanish if the party was too high level!)
  • Rakshasa/Hobart scene now plays correctly
  • Djinni now appears more promptly
  • Blast skeleton in Watchknight Crypt is no longer visible through the wall when you enter.
  • Fixed vanilla bug with Mirror of Black Ice Amulet: it now protects against wands.
  • AR9700 rhinoceros beetle no longer stands around looking stupid.
  • Various wands etc that were single-use are now multiple-use (I think this was actually a vanilla-game bug.)
  • Traps in AR9705 test of courage now work correctly.
  • Stone nuisances now correctly produce 5 magic missiles per casting
  • Defeating the luremaster no longer displays a "0 XP" message
  • It's now possible to sleep in AR1109 even if Old Jed is asleep
  • Cloudburst no longer causes crashes
  • Mage/thieves can now use light crossbows
  • Wylfdene/Seer face-off now looks prettier
  • Edion's ring now works correctly.
  • ToBEx updated to v23


  • Corrected the new critical bug where Lysan does appear, but doesn't speak. (Sigh.)
  • Prevented duplicate Flozems from appearing.
  • Worked around the problem with Ice Storm being applied multiple times (at the cost of removing the graphic)
  • Fixed the Arboretum dialog so that Valestis acknowledges when the Arboretum is fully restored.
  • Properly fixed Kontik's ring.


  • Corrected the critical bug where Lysan doesn't appear (caused by a slip in the new spawn-hidden-creatures code)
  • Moved the dying version of Arundel onto the new spawning method
  • Fixed a scattering of bugs in Recitation, Prayer, and Chant
  • Provided a BG2 version of WTASIGHT to allow summons from BG2 to fight correctly (the tiny number of IWD creatures using IWD wtasight get their own version)
  • Water elementals no longer stutter
  • Terikan's reappearance should now work correctly
  • A few creatures (notably, skeleton archers in Terikan's tomb) should now get the right quantity of arrows
  • New tweakpack component: BG2-style journal entries (this is definitely a work in progress, but it's a start)


  • Recoded many of the creatures that spawn in so as to use the BG2 spawn-from-area-script method, rather than the IWD activate-hidden-creature method. A probably-non-exhaustive list of modified creatures is: everything in Lysan's cave; the orogs and townspeople in the Kuldahar attack; the spirit animals and wailing virgins on the Burial Isle; the hidden umber hulks in the collapsing buildings; the yuan-ti mages who spawn behind Yxunomei; the squirrel Easter Egg in post-invasion Easthaven; the versions of Hrothgar and Arundel who deliver a smackdown if you kill commoners. This hopefully will mean a big improvement in spawn behaviour, fixing the various glitches and slowdowns. Feedback and testing requested.
  • Fixed Death Fog. (It still doesn't work quite correctly: it does a flat 2d8 damage per round, not the increasing amounts in the spell description. This is unlikely to change any time soon.)
  • removed Malavon's Corrosive Fog from the sorcerer spell list. (It's clearly an NPC-only spell, with no icon or description.)
  • changed the method of removal of BG2 spells to use ToBEx's externalisation rather than setting them to L10. (This is unlikely to have any in-game-visible effects but it's more stable and plays better with other mods.)
  • restricted first level characters so as not to be able to put more than two stars into any proficiency; coded (but not yet documented) a tweaks component to restore original behaviour.
  • restricted sorcerers to 2 9th level spells, as that's all that there are. (This is reverted if you install the BG2 spellset).
  • stopped imposing the SoA (2.95M XP) experience cap.
  • switched off the broken files (iplot, xr2400 etc) that confuse NI and some tweakpack components.
  • Given Nym an attack script. (I'm not actually sure how he attacked in IWD, but never mind.)
  • given sorcerers and monks some starting gold.
  • restored the missing translocation arrows in Dragons Eye L5.
  • restored the DRAW_UPON_HOLY_MIGHT state entry (this has no direct in-game impact but will probably help with compatibility)


  • Sorted out a rather tangled mess I'd made of Blindness/Spook, which inter alia caused savegame corruption if you tried to learn Blindness


  • Monster Summoning VII is no longer set to 9th level (this could break the game if you tried to learn it).


  • the patch for randomly generated arrows wasn't correctly modifying skeleton archers; this could cause crashes. We now modify them correctly. (Will not fix skeletons in areas you've already been to.)
  • skeletons are now strong enough to use their own weapons (vanilla game issue)
  • skeleton archers now start off with their bows equipped (cosmetic issue really)
  • Malavon's Minor Globe of Invulnerability isn't visible until he is


  • fixed an animation bug caused by (my failure to understand) Infinity Animations. (Inter alia, this fixes the ar8012 crash.)
  • Kontik's ring now works properly
  • Flozem now reacts to the death of Fleezum in an appropriately fraternal way
  • Lysan's ability to freeze things no longer extends to the game


  • unscrambled the description strings for crossbows (scrambled by an error in putting together the distributed version of the converter)
  • fixed (I hope) the glitches with starting hit points
  • corrected the a GUI anomaly in multi-player play (the button for arbitration was sometimes incorrectly labelled)
  • marked a couple of NPC components in the tweakpack as requiring the main NPC component


  • Fixed a glitch in the Blindness scroll (this showed up in-game, if you installed "restore BG2 spells", as a blank item in Orrick's shop)
  • Added Miloch's fixed sahuagin crossbow animation (obviating my workaround)
  • Unbroke the code that converts BitGlobal (broken by David in adapting v7 to modern WEIDU compilation)
  • Fixed a small bug that stopped the music changing when you find the Gloomfrost Seer


  • Fixed a couple of glitches on the map GUI that may - or again, may not - have something to do with the intermittent map crashes.
  • Paladin innate abilities should now be useable
  • Boring Beetles no longer look like Mariliths(!) [nb: this won't work for areas you've already visited]
  • Certain mummies no longer have broken animations (I don't think anyone's encountered this yet, but it's a consequence of the same bug that broke the beetles)

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