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BG1NPC for BG vanilla?


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Hi, new user, old fan of the game. I want to start off by thanking everyone who's worked on this and other mods; it's a great experience picking up an old game and dusting off, only to find that there's new material out there to improve the gaming experience.


My question is this; is there a version of the NPC mod for Baldur's Gate 1 that works with the vanilla version of the game?

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The engine of BG1 does not support most of the features used for BG1NPC Project, unfortunately. Even with Zed Nocear's workarounds, not everything could be implemented. This means not only would have to be everything recoded, but parts of the text would have to be rewritten, too.


The only content from BG1NPC Project made available for vanilla BG1 is the Ajantis romance in the Ajantis Expansion Mod linked in my sig, I'm afraid.

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