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Detectable items not working properly


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I'm trying to add detectable items in my mod.

Main purpose is to detect items used to polymorph someone.

In my example, I'm testing DVSQUIR which is used with polymorph other.


This item contains all effect to polymorph someone into a squirrel.

I cloned one of these effect and change it to set stat. I used 2 methods.


Method 1:


Then I add effect 233 (modify proficiency)


Method 2:

Similar but opcode 318 (extended tobEx stat) and a new stat in the 1200 range.


Then, in my script:



Well, it's classical and it works perfectly for my spells but for items, it doesn't.

With this following block, a caster will use polymorph other each round on the nearest target even if the spell succeed.

   RESPONSE #100


Is there something I am missing ?

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I have also tried to put detectable on Polymorph other spell, based on opcode create weapon.

Again it didn't work, I suspect there is something about polymorph that screws scripting state.

I will find out what, even if I must spend my whole day tomorrow ! It will put me late on schedule, but I need to work out this thing :)

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Okay, I finally made it :)

It was clearly stated that for extended stat, permanent duration doesn't work.

I used timing 10 with maximum value and it worked.


Still, I don't understand why it didn't work with normal stat but it doesn't matter.

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