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Novice getting Planescape: Torment to work on Android


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Hi there,


So I literally just bought an Asus Eee pad transformer and managed to find out whilst scanning the Apps marketplace that I can play a Black Isle RPG on it.


I almost came right there and then. (I am such a nerd, Ha ha.)


So after downloading GemRB I started trying to find out how to get Planescape: Torment working, the only Black Isle game I haven't played and completed, And ran into a problem of not knowing what the instructions to get it working even meant. Hey I've never modded anything in my life and at first I didn't even know what an APK file even was.


So here's my question/request; Would somebody make a Youtube step-by-step video that shows us how exactly to get these games working on an Android devices please? Please, please.

Preferably An Asus Eee Pad transformer but maybe that's me being too picky lol.

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Unfortunately, Torment still needs a lot of polishing to work properly on our side, so if you haven't played it before, I suggest you do it on a pc with the original. It would be a waste to ruin such a jewel by trying to play it in gemrb currently.

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Darn, ah well, would it be cool if someone did a video showing how to stick Baldur's Gate on my Android in working form for GemRB? Please, Please!

Maybe, I'll learn something about modding on the way too.


I know this's a big request of me since this's like my second post, and the reason I'm requesting this is that I want to be able to go downstairs and be with my family more, but also play a game in a casual manner, at the same time, when we're not talking and they're just watching TV, Baldur's Gate is the perfect game for this as I can just put my tablet to the side and be there for my kids or wife if they need and just generally join in, instead of being in a room upstairs by myself for hours on end.


Either way thanks very much and the GemRB concept/idea is fantastic, regardless of if I personally can't get it to do what it's supposed to without help, I still really appreciate what you guys are doing here and would definitely donate to the cause if that option is available. :-)


P.S. This isn't a bribe, I will donate whether you can offer help or not. :-)

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Keep the instructions on the market in mind, but it goes something like this:

1. Install the game on a pc (there are some extraction methods, but let's not complicate the matter).

2. Copy the whole game dir (eg. Baldur's Gate; the thing that has all the game files and saves in it) to the eee. Use the path from the instructions if you want to avoid changing paths in our config.

2.1. Try to run gemrb. Use alogcat to get the logs if something goes wrong.

3. Play with the settings the android build provides (mapping buttons and stuff like that)

4. Play the game.


BUT, either use the "weekly" 0.7.0 build that can be found in the announcement thread or wait for the market one to be updated. There were some serious problems in the previous release.

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Thank you for GemRB and thank you for porting it on Android.

After a quick search it seems that this thread is the most appropriate place to post a bug found in PST on Android. Please forgive me if it is not (and please forgive my bad english).


When I try to open the quest log, GemRB crashes and bring me back to the desktop.

Here is a log taken from alogcat if it can be of any interest.

http://pastebin.com/Aia1TGeQ (perhaps line 807 might be interesting but I am not sure at all)


Asus Transformer tf101 - Android 4.0.3

PST gog version (english + french text patch + resolution/ui patch)

Best regards.

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This has been fixed since. Either use the alpha build I linked in some thread here (sorry, 'twas just another of this android kind) or wait for us to get the proper builds out again. psch has been making great progress on the native sdl2 front btw, so at least the snapshot builds should return soon. Building with the old pelya port still works too, but is much more annoying in terms of maintenance and dependencies, yet on the other hand it has a much nicer starting experience due to the demo downloader and configurator. So it is not clear when that will be officially updated.

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Hello all,


I try to play planescape torment in my transformer prime, but just after le character creation, i have a bluescreen (just see the low part of the character creation screen).


I don't know very well what version of PST i have : in my game folder, no "cd" folder, just cache-music-override-save-widescreen-g3pstweak folders and some files. It's the GOG version ?


In my gemrb config file, i put these lines (i put the game folder, named pst, in app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb) :









and i didn't change any other value. (sorry, i can't post the log for the moment).


So, what's up doctor ? :)



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