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Does the G3 Fixpack cause Boon of Lathander not to stack?

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If nobody has answered, it's because those who have seen the question don't know. Asking again an hour or two later won't help.


AFAIK, Boon of Lathander doesn't stack. I haven't run without the BG2 Fixpack in too long to say whether using it has any effect on the spell. Then again, I've never tried to use it twice in the same combat, let alone with simultaneous casting anyway. The Boon has a really short duration, often too short to get through extended melee. I'm not sure that you'd get much benefit letting those precius rounds tick by while you attempted a second casting.


If your sole concern about using the BG2 Fixpack is about the Boon, I wouldn't bother. Your experience playing the game without it will probably be buggy enough to make you wish you had installed it whether you get the Boon exploit or not.


(And waves at the fellow New Jersey person. There aren't a lot of us around.)

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Well, thanks for responding.


I suspecting stacking Boons was an exploit, and that's enough to make me simply install the G3 Fixpack and try a more fair strategy. Stacking Boons does indeed make the Cleric of Lathander/Mage dual-class much more powerful than it ought to be.


And as far as the NJ thing, yeah, we're rare. And whenever I chat online or talk to someone in another state, people keep asking me (and I assume you) if NJ is like The Jersey Shore. lol. I tell them it's a TV show, nothing more. e.e

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The designers noted way back when that spell and spell-like ability effects weren't intended to really be cumulative unless it specifically says somewhere that they are.


The engine's ability to enforce this is pretty sketchy, and there were a lot of cases where they didn't prevent this; Baldurdash, and now the fixpack, continue to resolve instances of spells that stack with repeated castings.


If it is mentioned in the read me, it would likely be by its resource key, not by name (SPCL741 or somewhere around there), since there were quite a few.

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I only have four more questions regarding the G3 Fixpack:


1.) Are simulacrums still able to use innate abilities like Kai and Offensive Spin? (I know trigger-type spells aren't possible with simulacrums).


2.) Are simulacrums still able to use copied quick-slot items?


3.) Are shapechanged characters (transformed by the shapechange spell) still able to use innate abilities like Kai and Offensive Spin?


4.) Are shapechanged characters still able to use trigger-type spells as an innate ability? (I think this would be broken, and I hope this isn't allowed by the G3 Fixpack)

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