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Unofficial test release

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Since a few people have expressed an interest in this, I've made a small compilation of my recent submissions along with some of the BWP stuff.


Disclaimer: this is by no means an official update. It should be used for test purposes only and it certainly isn't officially supported. Furthermore, the accompanying documentation has not been updated (yet).





1) Grab the latest snapshot of the BG2 Fixpack from the GitHub devel branch

2) Click on the ZIP button to download the archive

3) Unpack the archive contents to your BG2 folder

4) Rename the folder aVENGER981-BG2-Fixpack-someweirdhexnumbers to bg2fixpack

5) Download the latest WeiDU from http://www.weidu.org/~thebigg/ and unpack it into your BG2 folder

6) Copy WeiDU.exe into your BG2 folder

7) Rename WeiDU.exe into setup-bg2fixpack.exe

8) Run setup-bg2fixpack.exe



Be advised that some of the content from this snapshot might not make it into the final release. The status of every change is decided through a detailed review process. Until that happens, all the changes presented here are tentative at best.

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For reference, a full comparison between the official version and the current build is available in diff form. The changes implemented in each version are listed below.


v9.14 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.13 - integrated the following fixes (from Wisp):

v9.12 - integrated the following fixes (from Wisp):

v9.11 - integrated the following fixes (from Wisp):

v9.10 - integrated the following fixes (from Wisp):

v9.09 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.08 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.07 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.06 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.05 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.04 - added the following translations:

v9.03 - integrated the following fixes:

v9.02 - integrated the following fixes:

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I am really really thankful for this, aVENGER!


By the way, Wisp had been kind enough to let me have his latest version of the GTU light a few months ago, which I notice is missing from your local version. Wisp won't perhaps mind to have it included in this unofficial version of the BG2 Fixpack. Should we contact him about it?

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Added some more fixes. Most notably, the fixpack no longer breaks Ascension's enhanced Slayer change (i.e. it is now safe to install Ascension before the BG2 Fixpack) and can once again be installed on SoA-only games.

Awesome! wheee.gif

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Absolutely. We understand this is no official release but nonetheless an update that many of us have been looking forward to for a long time.


And to think that it is a retired modder that made it happen... ;)


Seriously, thank you very much!

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