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i don't understand...


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Who are these "people"?


I think that's a rather subjective statement, though I personally found both games to be disappointing...the newer one was worse IMO though not only because of the sucky plot, but also the terrible (or lack of) QA that went into its development. But it's an Obsidian game so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


You may find more support on NWN2 because it's newer and a fewer amount of people have moved on from it than NWN1.


EDIT: I see you have 3 posts. Welcome to G3 by the way :)

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NWN1 OC isn't the most riveting game in the world. I've never been able to get through it. I've never been able to get past the prologue. What made people like NWN1 was the wealth of fan-made content. Well, that and Valen.


On the other hand, you have NWN2, a game I like much, much better than NWN1. Even without modification, the increase in party dialogue made the game much more tolerable for me. Add in the NWN2 Romance Pack and it becomes genuinely enjoyable.


The one thing I don't like about NWN2 is the insane system requirements. There's no reason they have to be that high.

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NWN2 is slow and buggy. Camera is hell. Multiplayer is hell. Updating is hell. NWN2 is only for Windows. Building for NWN2 is much more complex than building for NWN1. I've played NWN1 many times (OC, extensions, modules, online gaming) but NWN2 is so horrible that I quit after fighting the game for 3 hours in the OC.

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Yeah, who are those people? NWN1 is terrible, by all accounts. There are several fan made modules that blow the OC and the expansions right out of the water.


NWN2 isn't great, either, but it was definitely better than the first installment (though that's not saying much). MOTB was an improvement over the OC as well.


If NWN2 has a weak plot, NWN1 doesn't have any.

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For me, NWN1's lack of a full party is a turn-off. I don't care much for the OC. SoU was okay, though I didn't get that far into it. I did like the dwarven girl...what's her name. The cleric/thief. Xanos was just hilarious. HotU was the mst enjoyable out of the three, allowing for 2 people in your party, and a romance with either Nytharra or Valen, plus allies Aribeth and Deekin (though I guess they only included Deekin to give him Red Dragon Desciple prestige and give him wings).


NWN2 is far more enjoyable for me. Bigger party, more dialogue, and overall it's more fun. I admit to modding the game to max out party size, but that's how I enjoy it. Currently still busy with the OC. MotB is one I'll play afterwards. Not sure about SoZ...I heard it's mostly seperate, with chars you create yourself...mostly. There's that new expansion too...Mysteries of Westgate, but it won't run on my system for some odd reason. I heard it's kind of okay.


I haven't played fan-made content for either of them, except the Kingmaker mod for NWN1. It was quite unique, what with a joinable Azer (fire dwarf), Nymph, Rakshasa, and Wererat. If only it were bigger...

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I have a soft spot for the NWN1 OC, despite its flaws. It's one of the very few post-BG1 games where you actually have to explore the wilderness and see what you can find out there. And while the overarching plot has its weaknesses, there are lots of quite cool individual bits (the Creator ruins, the cockatrice auction, the pirate civil war, the snow globe).

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