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Updated Version?


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Hi Demi


First off let me say that I love your IR and SR mods. I always plan my installs around these two mods and am really thankful for the time and effort you and others put into them!


I have been watching the IR and SR topics with great interest and wonder as I plan my next install. I have seen that you have released an updated SR package and I have read in two IR topics that you have an IR updated package ready to go.


Is the updated IR package heavily different from the version and hotfixes on this site? Is there any chance that you can upload the updated IR package to the same place as you did for SR?


With SR and IR downloaded, I only need to give Salk a nudge to get his game over mod updated and I'm ready to go.


Thank you very much for your time, effort and help.



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Thanks! I'm always glad to see new players (at least "new" at my eyes, as you may be playing mu mods since ages for what I know), and I'm glad you are enjoying our mods. :)


Speaking of your main question, yes, I'm about to update IR too, and I'll probably upload it as a short-time pre-release solution. I'm not sure how long it will take though. I've very little to do left but I have very little spare time to work on it too, and I'm not famous for being fast at modding! :D That being said, the final V3 will have abunch more item changes (e.g. Book of Infinite Spells, the missing rods, etc.), but it's mostly the current beta+hotfixes, so you may as well opt for using the current one imo if you don't want to wait.




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I think you should release IR v3 now. ;)
Ahaha, I'd love to, but I haven't heard Ardanis since at least a week and I had very very few time to mod myself with all the changes in my life this new year (new work, new house, etc...). As a matter of fact, I can often visit the forums at work (like now) but I rarely find much more time when I go back home as I practice sports a lot, I have a girlfriend who strangely prefer me to stay with her instead of modding when I'm not at work, and I need to both eat and sleep (deep night was modding time back then)! :D


Enough of my rant, I seriously hope I can release a true final V3 soon enough, but as I told before, the current V3 Beta+Hotfixes is almost the same. Use it in the meanwhile, I'm sure you won't regret it! ;)

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