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WTP Familiars (revised Find Familiar spell)

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In another version of the mod the crash did not happen.


Well, the offending line is in the familiars script:


I'll have to try and see why it causes a crash on ToB (possibly BG2?)...


It's effect 196 (Familiar block), triggered by WRPFCon.spl, that somehow works in BGT BG1 but crashes the game in BGT ToB. If anyone can help me understand why, it'd be greatly appreciated...

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Okay, I uploaded a new version that should no longer cause that CTD on BG2/ToB.


UPDATE: 1.1 Beta 2 is up (fixes a problem with the dialogue with familiars)

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A bit of an update about this modification.


I am going to do some testing but I have finalized version 1.3, which is a huge improvement over 1.2 Beta. Once my testing is done, I will make a public release.

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Okay, it's out.


Starting with version 1.3, WTP Familiar has now left Beta stage and is ready to grace Baldur's Gate Trilogy and Baldur's Gate 2 players.


Here's the link: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=5278&pid=52441&st=0&&do=findComment&comment=52441


The link in that page points to dragonshoard.blackwyrmlair.net/mods...oad.php?mod=388 (notice the dots)


Correct link for convenience:


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Hi Salk, good work! Could you please update the first page's link with the latest, as I had initially downloaded the beta :)


Also, I'm drawing inspiration from this mod for my own "familiar mod". It has a much different scope (only one familiar) but some tricks I'm learning from WTPFamiliar I'd like to re-use. Is this ok?

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Version 1.6 is available.

Change log:


Fixed incompatibility with BGT transition script
Fixed incompatibility with Game Over Only on Party Dead modification
Improved familiars' discontent mechanic
Minor tweaks to dialogue and scripts
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Hello Salk. Great mod. I installed it along with a bunch of others through the Big World Setup for a run through BGT as a solo sorcerer. The scaling familiar works well and the lack of permanent con damage makes it possible to use the familiar in combat.


However, the familiar never leveled up with me. I had to attack the familiar, making it leave, and summon a new one, which would gain the proper levels. Not a huge problem, though it did get a bit frustrating once I got to Amn. Familiars can only be summoned outside, and the cowled wizards don't like that very much :p.


When I hit level 12, I tried to summon a new familiar again (some nice abilities kick in at 12), but the familiar no longer leveled up on cast. Reverted to an earlier save, tried other familiars; same results. Any idea what the problem could be?

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Hello timechef!


The familiar levels up via dialogue. Once your sorcerer gains a level, speak to the familiar and a new dialogue option should appear. If not, then there is something wrong (of course it would be frustrating to recast the spell each time! One of the goals of this mod is to try and establish some sort of attachment to the familiar you summon and I am sorry I never got around to make it possible to name them).


The current version is 1.6 which fixes and improves on quite a number of things though.

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Hello noctem93!


I do not own a copy of BG2 EE so porting it to EE (which in theory should not be very complicated) is not something I see doing myself in the near future (EasyTuTu compatibility is also missing).

If someone volunteered to do the porting, I'd be more than happy to offer assistance.

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Yeah I'm definitely not seeing that dialog option. Looks like I've got 1.6 already, so I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.


Edit: No luck. Broke my game trying to reinstall the mod and had to restore from a copy. Is there a way to manually trigger the level-up script in the console?

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