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So, in order to not screw up...

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I am now just entering Act II. YAY!!! Anyway, now that I'll be getting Bishop (I have to reload and choose my party better) I recall reading that you can romance BOTH Casavir and Bishop. So, I also see that there are/were many threads with people having difficulty with the romances, the influence, the flirts, the LT's, and this thing I have no idea of yet called "The Wall Scene."


So, since I am a total NWN virgin, is there a sort of walkthru for the romances so I don't screw them up? I know I may be the only one playing them right now, but if anyone remembers, can you point me in the right direction? I've been trying to Google, and I don't get much except these threads and some were never answered for someone having trouble.


Now, I DID find a place (The NWN Vault?) I think, that has the places where you can gain or lose influence with Bishop, but I don't know if that will negatively affect the Casavir romance! Or, will it ruin it altogether?


Basically, I wonder if there are any land mines to watch out for, or if I just have to plow thru and hope for the best? Thanks in advance for anyone who even reads this. I appreciate it!

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I can't speak for the Bishop Romance, but I can tell you that Casavir is very hard to discourage, and even if you do manage to kill the relationship, you can usually patch things up again afterward. The romances run more or less independently of the game's influence... although some conversations will go slightly differently depending on whether your influence is low or high.In general, what pleases Casavir displeases Bishop, and vice versa.


You can chec the following thread for a listing of all of Casavir's conversation points.


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Thank you so much, berelinde! I think I follow. I don't quite understand all the "influence" as far as what numbers I'll need, but that's an aside for the moment. :) At least now I know I can go on and not worry so much. It's just that I know BG and BG2 so well, and this is, to me, almost like being on Mars. Things don't work the same, it's a bit confusing, and now I have to watch everything so much more carefully.


I bookmarked your thread. Thanks again for your help. And again, thank you for all your work! I just want to add that Sand is (and wow, you're so shocked to hear me say this!) irresistable! I do hope that the Sand Romance is still a go. Just have to say. :) I just got him in my party and he's already even more appealing than the other two. ;)



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