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Cespenar's Upgrades In SoA


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Allow Cromwell to Upgrade Watcher's Keep Items

Non-Tutu, Requires Throne of Bhaal

It's never made sense to me that Cromwell can forge armor out of red dragon scales, ankheg shells, and shadow dragon armor--but doesn't even acknowledge the white dragon scales you can acquire in Watcher's Keep. This component will allow Cromwell to forge items found in Watcher's Keep using the same formulae as Cespenar. (Note that only the formulae using items you can legally obtain in SoA are implemented; if you cheat in a component from Sendai's Enclave you'll still be out of luck.) This component will allow the party to obtain some high-level items in Shadows of Amn, so be warned that this may ruin the balance in SoA and make the remainder of the game fairly easy. The component will make one minor tweak to Cespenar as well--normally, he can only add the electric head to the Flail of Ages after the poison head has been attached. This component will allow him to add the heads in any order.



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Do I need to start a new game for this to work?

OK, so the answer to that is 'no'.


However, some dialogs are messed up. (For example, when Cromwell finds the Paladin Bracers, he talks about crushing gems, when that is not needed)


A good enough solution despite that.

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