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Overview and FAQ

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Q: What is the purpose of this forum?

A: This forum is intended as a place for the latest news and information on Infinity Engine modding to be published.


Q: What are the long-term goals of this project?

A: A true, cross-community news source that will allow users a one-stop location for news.


Q: Will this news be available in other formats?

A: Yes. One of the key facets of this project is its syndication into an RSS feed:


An RSS feed will allows users to monitor Infinity Engine happenings without the need to visit the wide variety of IE modding sites. Alternatively, registered users can also use the forum software's built-in subscription feature, which will send you an email whenever someone posts a new topic in the forum.


Q: Why can't I start topics?

A: Because the forum is being syndicated into an RSS feed, the ability to start topics is being limited to a handful of folks. Essentially anyone tagged with a 'modder' tag on G3 can post updates to the forum which will be turned into news items in the feed. If you have published mods and would like to make announcements, contact one of the admins here on G3 with a PM or ping us on Discord.


Q: Why can't I respond to topics?

A: Again, since the forum itself is being syndicated into an RSS feed we're trying to limit the number of posts and cut down the RSS feed to its core news items. Each topic should also have links to places where you can ask questions and discuss the news item on the respective forum.


Q: What sorts of news will be covered here?

A: For modders, we hope to encourage tool makers to post items when a tool (such as Near Infinity or DLTCEP) or a resource (such as IESDP or .dat files) gets updated. For players, we hope to include a broader range of topics--such as announcements of new mods, mod releases and updates, requests for testers, and other items.


Q: It looks like you're missing news from X?

A: If we're missing news that should be covered, please contact CamDawg via PM. It is not our wish to exclude sites or relevant news items; we wish for this to reach and apply to as broad an audience as possible.


Q: Can I incorporate the RSS feed into my site?

A: Yes, please! SHS, Weasel Mods, and Sorcerer's Place already incorporate the news feed into their forums. All we ask is that you offer a link to G3 as the originator of the feed.

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