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List of NPCs to support

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If there are any additional NPCs not listed in the initial post that Level 1 NPCs should support (kit/proficiency customization etc.) then speak now or forever hold your peace. (Well, maybe not "forever" but it could be another 3 years before this mod gets updated again... assuming this update even makes it out the door.)


Please ensure the NPCs aren't already supported by the mod and that the authors have given approval (don't expect me to track down authors... updating this monster is enough work).


It helps to mention if the NPC's have any special gear that they don't start out equipped with (any stuff they start out with is dealt with automatically).

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Anything in the Code for mod NPCs thread since the last release will be added (basically kulyok's NPCs).


Ajantis has been supported since at least release 1.4? There's an earlier NPC list here but I think several have been added since then as well (Branwen is on that list too but probably some other Branwen NPC... I've always said that with enough mods, you could probably have a full party of Branwens ;) ).


What I'm mainly looking for is some community action to get new NPC releases added, since I haven't the knowledge or time to pursue this myself.

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Great! I was a bit surprised but didn't check the list you were linking to (EDIT: whether it is the full list or not, I mean.).


Here are the ToB file names for Sir Ajantis for BGII. These would have to be added:

The c#ajatob.cre with c#ajan25.bcs and c#ajan25.dlg


Ajantis personal items:

  • c#ajshld.itm
  • c#ajshl2.itm
  • c#ajshl3.itm


Thank you!

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