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Imported Items fom BG1


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Let me first state that I completely enjoy the mod due to the major balancing and creation of unique items that has taken place for the BG world. I really like figuring out which items to combine for each NPC to get the best results.


I have just asked a similar question on the item randomisation forum, but of course the question I have here is related to item revisions. As I noted there, I searched the forum and readme but I could not find anything related. I noted that several items from BG1 are changed when they reappear in BG2, but nothing is noted about items imported from BG1 to BG2 by characters imported from a savegame in BG1. I was thinking about the claw/horn of kazgaroth as I am doing a run through vanilla BG1, but did not find anything noted on these items. I read somewhere that they might be handled by a cursed item mod (but I could not find that), but are these currently handled by IR as well?


Thanks in advance for reading.

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