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[BG2:ToB] - default bard song effect


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Ascension64 solved this long standing mystery. Here's what the default (unkitted) bard song does in BG2:ToB:


All effects are added to the entire party with timing 4096 (end at ticks) and duration (nGameTime + 100)


Display Special Effect Icon (0x8E)

param2 (Icon) = 40 Bard Song


Morale Modifier (0x17) - Sets the Morale stat of the targetted creature(s) to 10.

param1 (Ignored) = 10

param2 (Ignored) = 0

Note: this opcode is weird in BG2:ToB, because in all other games, the standard Modifier types apply, so this would be add 10 to morale, rather than set to 10


Cure Horror (0xA1)

param1 (Irrelevant) = 1

param2 (Irrelevant) = 0


Protection from Opcode (0x65)

param1 (Irrelevant) = 1

param2 (Opcode) = 24 (State: Horror)


In summary, it's pretty much as we suspected.

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